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Fighting Cybersecurity Risks, Tesla Autopilot Probes Deepen, China’s Optimism-This Week

Keysight Technology has been working in the automotive space to assist the industry in combating cybersecurity risks. Interviewed with senior executives of the company Future challenges and threats.

A series of attention-grabbing Tesla crashes National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) upgrades existing investigation into Tesla’s image-dependent autopilot system.. The main selling point of Tesla cars was the optional autopilot semi-automatic driving system, especially when it first hit the market. This Level 2 driving system can maintain the position of the vehicle in the lane and, depending on the version, can almost completely self-navigate the entire section of the freeway, including lane changes and on / off ramp handling. However, despite the fact that autopilot is the key to Tesla’s appeal, a series of high-way traffic safety administrations (NHTSA) have upgraded their existing research into the safety performance of their systems. The autopilot is like an outlier compared to a Level 2 autonomous system deployed by Tesla’s rivals. All modern Tesla variants rely solely on image-based data processing provided by vision cameras placed around the car. This is in contrast to the systems deployed by GM and Ford. For example, incorporate radar into the sensor suite to allow the vehicle to detect relative proximity to the outside world. Instead, Tesla uses a pair of front cameras and clever image processing to triangulate objects and calculate their relative proximity.

Compared to many Western countries, China handled the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic relatively effectively. The country has swiftly blocked the infection to limit its spread and made available test materials to track the virus infection. As a result, the early wave of COVID was dealt with rapidly in China, but in Western countries, the debate over how far PPE and vaccination obligations could go means that the infection would be out of control. Did. More than two years after the outbreak, many countries have acknowledged the COVID-19 epidemic and have largely removed the blockade and PPE obligations to allow them to resume their normal lifestyle. increase. But China has stood out as an outlier, maintaining its strict “Zero Corona” policy and implementing strict blockades in major densely populated areas to eradicate the virus. Not surprisingly, this causes friction in many industries, and car production and sales are significantly disrupted. Finally, months after a dramatic drop in production and sales in many major cities in China, May figures show that the country’s recovery is well established..

This year’s edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​will run from June 23rd to 26th. of course, List of world premiere of vehicles For this annual event near Chichester in southern England.

Mazda Developed Rhodium White Premium, A special paint color “born from our unique Takuminuri painting technology”. This new color will be available this summer, primarily on large product group models starting with the CX-60. “Mazda believes that color is an important factor in shaping a vehicle, so we are focusing on developing colors that emphasize dynamic and delicate expression through the Kodo – Soul of Motion design theme,” said the automaker. Says. “Rhodium White Premium is a pure white inspired by Japanese aesthetics that finds beauty in simplicity and lack of extra elements. In addition, fine particles of paint accentuate the shadows on the surface of the vehicle and give it a metallic texture. “It complements.” Automakers said they have succeeded in mass-producing expressive colors using only three layers: a transparent layer, a reflective layer, and a color layer. The color layer provides a newly developed white pigment that provides a silky smooth, fine-grained white. As a standard method for white paints, undercoats tend to show through and clear coats are generally thicker than other colors.

Valeo said Stellantis had Selected 3rd generation LiDAR to equip multiple models Scala 3 products allow these vehicles to be certified for Level 3 automation, allowing drivers to safely take their hands off the steering wheel and off the road. Marc Vrecko, President of Valeo’s Comfortable Driver Assistance Systems Business Group, said: Without it, some objects cannot be found. But at this level of autonomy, the perceptual abilities of the system must be very accurate. Our 3rd generation LiDAR offers almost 50 times the resolution of 2nd generation devices. This technology has its own data acquisition capabilities. The latest LiDAR recognizes everything, even if the object is far ahead and invisible to the human eye. It can identify objects over 150 meters away that are not possible with the human eye, cameras, or radar, such as small objects with very low reflectance or tires on the road. It uses point clouds to reproduce 3D images around the vehicle, achieving unprecedented resolution for an automobile system. You can map the ground topology and detect road markings.

Tesla Maintaining the world’s number one battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV) sales spot A new report on the global EV sector by research firm Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) shows that legacy automakers are struggling to sell a meaningful share of BEVs in 2022 and 2023 for at least another 18 months. Report, Battery Electric Vehicle Report-The competition of automakers to the top, with the exception of Volkswagen, is most traditional in the short term with a profit incentive to catch up with Tesla amid rising battery costs and lack of scale. I found that the mark was missing. German automakers were on track to overtake Tesla’s BEV volume in 2024 as global BEV demand more than doubled by 2025. One million annual BEV sales mark. It wasn’t until the second half of 2010 that Japanese and American automakers began to take the top three position seriously.

China’s new car market In May 2022, it decreased by another 13% to 1,862,000 units. According to wholesale data on passenger cars and commercial vehicles released by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association (CAAM), from 2,128,000 units in the same month last year. As part of the government’s Zero-COVID policy, car sales were curtailed by a strict blockade across Shanghai for the second straight month. This was slowly lifted at the end of May. This virtually halted economic activity in the affected areas, following similar blockades in other major cities in the country, including Shenzhen, Changchun and Tianjin earlier this year. Last week, parts of Shanghai returned to block due to a new outbreak, but after new infections were detected in parts of the capital, Beijing’s social restrictions were tightened. Covid’s crisis is not over yet in China under the government’s zero-tolerance policy. Total domestic vehicle sales in the first five months of 2022 decreased by more than 12% from 10,875,000 in the previous year to 9,555,000, with growth in the first two months of the year for the next two months. It was wiped out by a sharp decline. .. Passenger car sales fell nearly 4% to 8,133,000 units during this period, and commercial vehicle sales fell 42% to 1,421,000 units.

Monday General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Toyota Motor North America Requests Congress to raise US $ 7,500 electric vehicle tax credit limitA letter from Reuters cites the higher costs of producing a zero-emission vehicle. Automaker CEOs (GM Mary Barra, Ford Jim Farley, Stellantis Carlos Tavares, Toyota North American CEO Tetsuo Ogawa) are co-letter to parliamentary leaders in developing, producing and selling electric vehicles. The current $ 7,500 tax credit will be phased out after manufacturers reach 200,000 units sold. Both GM and Tesla have already reached their limits and are no longer eligible for consumer tax credits.

Volkswagen Financial Services UK First EV tracking report.. However, consumer economic headwinds are a concern and can impact purchase levels in the short term. Over the past decade, overall EV fleet sales, including battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), extended-range electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles, have been modest, with sales accelerating in about 2016, Ministry of Transport. According to (DfT). This momentum has intensified over the six years in between, accelerating from the current decade’s turning point, with a major step change in 2021. According to Motor Manufacturers Association (SMMT) figures, EV sales over the past year have exceeded volume levels in total over the last five years. As an example, total ULEV vehicle sales (EV and PHEV) increased from 348,000 in the third quarter of 2020 to 604,000 in the third quarter of 2021, and eLCV (van) sales from 14,305 in the third quarter of 2020. It surged to 24,967 in the third quarter of 2021. EV adoption and battery-powered electric vehicle sales increased 154%, compared to a 23% increase in the overall automotive market.

Stellantis said so Start indefinite temporary dismissal It will begin next week at the Sterling Heights Stamping Plant in Michigan. The carmaker didn’t specify the number of employees to be fired, but said in an email statement to Reuters that a decision was made “to run the factory in a more sustainable way.” A letter posted on the Facebook page of United AutoWorkers Local 1264, a union representing employees of the Chrysler Sterling Stamping Plant owned by Stellantis, said from June 20 that “indefinite layoffs will be bottom-up.” Stated.

Jaguar Land Rover what3words Integrate global location technology Connect to vehicles already on the road through Software-over-the-Air (SOTA) updates. What3words divided the Earth into a 3m x 3m square grid, each given a unique combination of three words. “Always-on” technology, which works without the need for a mobile connection, allows new and existing customers to move to the exact location around the world using just three words. This is part of the latest SOTA upgrade offered to customers this year, following the last update that provided access to Amazon Alexa to 200,000 owners of existing vehicles. JLR has completed a total of 1.3 million vehicle level updates and 3 million engine control unit updates as part of its always-on, always-on feature.

Denso Corporation Considering spin-off of semiconductor business According to a local report citing executives from major companies, to an independent company to help focus better on the growing demand of the segment. Japan’s largest auto parts manufacturer, 25% owned by Toyota, has sold more than US $ 45 billion last year from a wide range of auto parts such as powertrain systems, heating, air conditioning systems, safety devices, chassis and cockpit systems. rice field. Extensive aftermarket operations. As part of a fully assembled system, chip sales primarily to Toyota alone generated more than US $ 3.4 billion. According to local research, this makes the company the world’s fifth largest supplier of automotive chips.

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