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Ferrari says EVs and hybrids will account for 80% of sales in 2030

Vigna said Ferrari will develop and build its own electric motors, inverters and battery modules for its electric models and outsource non-core components to its partners at its new assembly line in Maranello, Italy. ..

Industry estimates indicate that in the face of the impending ban on fossil fuel vehicles in Europe and China, major automakers have promised to spend more than $ 250 billion on the transition to electrification by 2025. ..

Ferrari predicts that it will invest € 4.4 billion ($ 4.58 billion) by 2026, most of it in product development, and achieve EBITDA (core revenue) of € 2.5 billion to € 2.7 billion by that year. increase. The company expects cumulative free cash flow from 2022 to 2026 to be € 4.6 billion to € 4.9 billion.

Like other sports car makers, Ferrari’s challenges go beyond the huge capital investment required to develop an electric model that rivals the pioneers of high-performance fossil fuels.

Ferrari also sells emotional experiences to wealthy customers, centered on the muddy roar of a powerful engine.

Both customers and investors love what Ferrari is doing today and have a long order book for cars starting at over $ 208,000. Ferrari says EVs and hybrids will account for 80% of sales in 2030

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