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Ferrari recognizes Piagidi’s “history-making” drive for a spa victory

Andrea Pitchini, who won the race as a driver for the Phoenix Audi team in 2012, explained that Pierre Gidi led the Iron Links Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo shared with Nicklas Nielsen in the last 30 minutes, returning Redger to the lead. .. “can not believe it”.

“We know we had a good car in the rain, but ale [Alessandro] I gave it a little extra. ”

“What he did means that this remains in the history of the Spa 24 Hours as one of the special things, it was history making.

“The level of risk he took in the last few minutes without making mistakes to enable victory was incredible. Yale made a difference today.”

Pierre Gidi must come from behind the car that led most of the race after the chasing WRT Audi team bet on giving Doris Vansour wet weather tires at the final pit stop with just over 50 minutes left. did not.

Charles Wales leads a 20-second deficit for nearly a minute after a sudden downpour caused a sudden downpour while the Belgians teamed up with Kelvin van der Linde on an R8 LMS GT3 and Ferrari stopped after two laps. I changed it to.

Pitchini, who finished second in another dramatic rainy finish at the Spa in 2006, admitted that he believed Iron Links had lost his chances of winning at the Spa’s 24-hour debut.

“Honestly, there was a moment when I thought it was over, so I had no chance,” he said.

He testified that Pierre Guidi and the # 51 Ferrari engineer did not give up running with AF Corse, Luca Volta.

“To be honest, we believed it was over,” Pitchini explained.But Luka [Volta] Our engineers and ales never give up.

“Walter said,’Come to someone we can still do it; it will turn yellow.'”

# 51 Iron Lynx Ferrari 488 GT3: Alessandro Pier Guidi, Nicklas Nielsen, Côme Ledogar

Photo: SRO

Full-course yellow, which became a full-safety car before the restart, narrowed the gap between Vantor and Pierre Gidi to just under four seconds when the race turned green.

The factory Ferrari driver was able to close the leader and then made a successful move for the lead around the right-handed outside of the fast Blanquimont.

Pierre Gidi said: “We led the race most of the time, but in that 30 minutes everything seemed to be lost.

“After the reboot, I gave everything — I had no choice.”

He described the victory as “incredible feelings,” but said that “it will take some time to sink.”

Ironlinks’ 24-hour spa debut got off to a bad start when its sister car, Davideligon, joined the multicar shunt at Alouge during opening hours.

Williams F1 reserve driver Jack Aitken, who was racing the Emil Frey Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo, was temporarily hospitalized while suffering a fracture of his clavicle and vertebrae in the incident.

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