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Ferrari Challenge North America heads to Miami

Midnight race

Due to temperatures following the normal trends in South Florida in early June, the Challenge Series chose to adopt a slightly unconventional schedule for weekend activities. A test session will take place on Wednesday, allowing drivers to enjoy eight hours of track time, followed by an official practice session on Thursday. On Friday, the schedule will change as the championship qualifying session begins at 2:00 pm (all ET time) and the race action begins at 7:05 pm. Qualifying will begin at 11:10 am and the race will begin at 1:25 pm. All qualifying and racing sessions will continue to be livestreamed at

Sunday special visit

Official challenge activities will end at the end of the second race on Saturday, but Ferrari Challenge drivers will be able to attend special events and choose a track day experience at the competition club. A partner in the Ferrari Challenge in North America, the competition club is a membership-based car country club located minutes from downtown Miami. After enjoying a private reception on Saturday night, drivers can enjoy the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Racing Car at the new facility and easily move between the two facilities.

Championship shape up

As the championship progressed towards the midpoint, the championship battle became clearer and began to become clearer. While Trofeo Pirelli is the fugitive of Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Westlake), the Trofeo Pirelli AM1 category is huge between the newcomers to the category, Jason McCarthy (Wide World Ferrari) and Martin Burrowes (Ft. Lauderdale’s Ferrari). It seems that it is set for a decisive battle. McCarthy overtook Martin Burrows in standing by joining the category after his performance in Round 2 Sonoma and scoring points in four consecutive victories. At Watkins Glen, McCarthy continued to show up in pole position, fastest lap, and race wins, but Burroughs took the lead in the second race, giving him plenty of time this season. Among them, he was only 8 points behind McCarthy.

The Trofeo Pirelli AM2 represents the tightest championship battle of the 2021 season so far. Bryan Davis (Ferrari on Palm Beach) is at the top of the championship with 60 points now that McCarthy is in AM1. However, Keishin Chen (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) had a perfect weekend at Watkins Glen in his third race in history, with pole position, fastest lap and race wins on both Saturday and Sunday. This caused him to jump up the ranks, overtaking Brad Horstman (foreign car Italy) in second place and slightly ahead of Davis by three points.

At Coppa Shell, Dave Musial Jr. (Ferrari of Lake Forest) enjoys the view from the top, leading Todd Coleman (Ferrari of Denver) by 4 points and the other teams following by more than 20 points. .. Coleman has fallen out of his first race at Watkins Glen, so it’s clear that we need to keep an eye on the fight as the season progresses. At Coppa Shell AM, Lance Cawley (Ferrari of Atlanta) leads the ranking by only one point. So far, despite never racing during the season, Reims is on the podium five out of six chances, leading Frank Louismy (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) and Roy.・ Carroll (foreign car Italy) was retreated by another 9 points. Ferrari Challenge North America heads to Miami

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