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Ferrari and Leclerc are now almost doubling the points of their F1 rivals

Yes, we are in only 3 races 23 Race F1 Calendar (This is why I’m a little worried if you’re not a member of Tifosi), but the Australian Grand Prix saw Ferrari and Charles Leclerc almost double their opponents’ points in the Constructor and Drivers Championship. rice field.

Leclerc won the pole at Red Bull on Friday, not far ahead of current world champion Max Verstappen, and ran 0.286 seconds faster at Albert Park. It’s not as close as some poles in recent years, but it’s not like Mercedes was pulling. It can suddenly appear 0.5 seconds or more longer than anyone else in the third quarter. But racing was another business.

Leclerc was able to lead Verstappen and Sergio Perez from the start of the race and was never actually challenged. Both Mercedes drivers got off to a great start, but they really only dismantled McLaren, and Red Bull was the only potential challenger to Leclerc’s pace. And even for them, the pace wasn’t really there.

Verstappen retired from the race because it looked like a hydraulic or oil system failure, but for some time he had no chance to challenge Leclerc. Red Bull was unable to catch Ferrari and Verstappen suffered from severe tire deterioration, but Leclerc skated quietly for victory with the fastest lap and pole. Ferrari hat trick.

Monaco told F1 TV after the race that he didn’t expect much to drive around Albert Park because of the two races (after the race) before driving Albert Park in 2018 and 2019. Hasn’t happened for 2 years (Because of COVID), he really had a hard time putting together the rap.

“I think it was the best car today. It’s not a secret. Thanks to the team. They did a great job so I’m very happy with today’s results and need to keep pushing.” Said Leclerc.

With this victory, Leclerc was 71 points and the next closest driver, George Russell, was only 37 points. Ferrari has won the Constructors’ title with 104 and second place Mercedes with 65. In a mathematical sense, these are just a few examples of point distances that correspond to race swings, but these swings seem to be taking place between Mercedes and Red Bull, not one or the other. When Ferrari.

Leclerc in front of Verstappen at Albert Park, Getty

However, not everything is perfect for Ferrari. Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz had a very bad weekend, which had nothing to do with him. Due to steering wheel issues during qualifying and poor timing from the team, he was no longer likely to compete for the pole and he started in 9th place. Then he got entangled with Mick Schumacher and got off the track and landed on the beach in a sand trap outside Turn 12.

Red Bull and Mercedes should probably be grateful for Sainz’s dropout. If he had been on the podium, their drivers would have dropped further.

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