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Ferrari 296 GTB takes advantage of new V-6, plug-in hybrid technology to reach a new level of power

Ferrari and its rivals combine a small engine with an electric motor to perform as well as or better than a gasoline engine alone, but by improving emissions and fuel economy, they are beginning to move to electrification.

The new hybrid V-6 powertrain is most likely to be used in other future Ferrari models and will probably include Ferrari’s first SUV, the Prosang, which will debut in late 2022.

Joining Ferrari’s V-8 and V-12 engine lineups, the 296GTB’s V-6 has a 120 degree angle between cylinder banks. The two turbochargers are located inside a V-shape, which, according to Ferrari, provides a much more compact package, optimally distributes mass, and maximizes fluid dynamics and efficiency in the intake and exhaust ducts. I will. Ferrari says it is 30kg lighter than the equivalent V-8.

The gearbox is an 8-speed dual clutch transmission already used on Ferrari models such as the SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, Rome and Portofino M. There are four drive modes: eDrive (electric only), hybrid (default), performance (gasoline engine is always on) and Qualify maximizes performance at the cost of slower charging.

Ferrari said it is trying to provide the traditional sound of the V-8 and V-12 to a small engine. “When it comes to sound, the 296 GTB harmoniously combines two characteristics that are usually the opposite: the power of the turbo and the high frequency sound of the naturally aspirated V-12,” the brand says. ..

Ferrari’s current entry-level sports car, the F8 Tributo, is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 engine that produces 710 horsepower.

New to potential competitors of the 296 GTB Maserati MC20It produces 630 hp from a 3.0-liter V6, or 210 hp per liter (there are fully electric variations). McLaren Artura, 671 horsepower new V-6 plug-in hybrid model.Lamborghini plans to introduce it, but Lamborghini Huracán with a traditional powertrain Lineup of plug-in hybrids Prior to full electrification in the future. Ferrari 296 GTB takes advantage of new V-6, plug-in hybrid technology to reach a new level of power

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