FedEx Adds 90,000 Workers to Handle Peak Surge

FedEx Corp. announced Thursday that it will hire 90,000 workers “before the busy peak season.”

The company will host a National Recruitment Day event directly next Thursday in Memphis, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Dallas and Atlanta. FedEx (NYSE: FDX) Will also consider adding package handlers, managers, technicians, forklift drivers, courier and customs broker coordinators through virtual events.

“These positions are important to the company’s success in meeting the growing demand for e-commerce from retailers and consumers,” the press release said.

This plan includes a temporary bonus structure and payment bumps in certain areas.

“Thanks to good training, educational support, career development programs, and a strong“ promotion from within the company ”culture, team members offer the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential,” said Human Resources Development. Judy Edge, Corporate VP, said.

FedEx (NYSE: FDX) Said that it would not only add new hubs and sorting centers, but also improve package processing and delivery capabilities to meet demand. “The company is also doubling its seven-day courier service to get packages where they need them every day,” the release said.

The company will also fill 500 positions in IT and data science.

FedEx employed 70,000 workers during the 2020 holiday season.

Hire Spree throughout the industry

Many carriers are increasing their workforce before it is expected to be another busy peak season. Strong consumer demand, Inventory replenishment And countless Supply chain bottleneck Ask your provider to scramble to respond to your holiday purchase offer.

On Tuesday, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)that is Added 125,000 Fulfillment and transport workers. Online retail giants have paid $ 3,000 in contracts in some markets and said full-time employers will see comprehensive benefits. The average starting hourly wage is over $ 18 and the benefits are an additional $ 3.50 per hour.

Earlier that month, the company said it was playing a role in 40,000 companies and technologies.

Since the pandemic, Amazon hired 450,000 employees in the United States last September and launched plans to hire 100,000 employees in the United States and Canada.

September 9, UPS (NYSE: UPS) Announcement of plans Hire more than 100,000 workers In peak season. Permanent and temporary positions are for drivers, driver helpers, handlers, and individual vehicle drivers.

UPS added a similar number of seasonal jobs in 2020. On average, UPS permanently holds about one-third of seasonal package handlers.

The day before United States Postal Service Announcement of recruitment plan Call on more than 40,000 seasonal workers.. The work included positions for mail carriers, handlers, and drivers. Last year, the post office hired more than 50,000 workers for vacations.

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