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Federal government considering buying Twitter shares of Mask

Under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Tesla Chief executive officer Of Elon Musk According to a letter the agency sent to him in April, it disclosed its shares in Twitter in early April.

In a letter currently published by the SEC, regulators appear to Musk not to submit the required documents within 10 days of the acquisition, and whether Twitter is observing free speech. We are asking you to provide more information about his official statement on the platform.

Specifically, the SEC has masked a “13G” for investors who plan to passively hold shares, rather than a “13D” form for activist investors who intend to manage influentially. We asked you to explain why you chose to submit the disclosure form in the end. And company policy.

The SEC and Musk spokespersons did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

External experts have previously stated that mask submissions have been delayed and he may have used inappropriate documents, but may have attracted the attention of SECs that have sparred with masks in the past. ..

The SEC letter is the same date that Musk disclosed a 9.2% stake in Twitter. Billionaire, who has since offered to Twitter privately for $ 44 billion, has been sued by investors for claiming that he has manipulated the company’s stock price downwards.

Tesla’s CEO has previously been in trouble with the SEC. He may have “secured” when the SEC sued him in 2018 after he tweeted. Electric car A private company of $ 420 per share. In reality, the acquisition wasn’t imminent. Federal government considering buying Twitter shares of Mask

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