“Faster than Porsche, safer than Volvo” Tesla Model S Check debuts in the US

Tesla Predicted to be the fastest car in the world, the Model S Check was officially launched in the United States at an event held shortly before at the Fremont facility of California electric car maker. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself rode a new electric car, a performance version of the Model S sedan, on stage before hosting the event. style..

The Tesla Model S Plaid is available for $ 129,990 (roughly converted to almost ¥950,000). The previous $ 119,990 price was raised by Tesla just 24 hours before the event, and some other models were also raised.

Elon Musk announced today that it has begun delivering the electric 4-door Tesla Model S Plaid. The launch was originally scheduled for June 3, but had to be postponed due to supply issues.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is powered by 1,020 horsepower and delivers speeds from 0 to 60 mph. dash In less than 2 seconds. “Faster than Porsche and safer than Porsche. Volvo, “, Elon Musk decided how to express it during the event.

The maximum speed of the Tesla Model S Plaid is said to be 200 mph (321 kmph). However, Tesla then revealed that speed can only be achieved with the help of proper wheels and tires. The Tesla Model S Plaid uses 19-inch wheels, but you can optionally choose 21-inch wheels. However, larger wheels do ensure a shorter range of 627 km, which is the optimum range for electric vehicles.

Tesla launched its first model S car in 2012. With the Model S Plaid, Tesla aims to rekindle interest in one of the oldest models with a performance version. It also aims to compete with the following rivals: Porsche , Mercedes-Benz And Lucid Motors has entered the luxury electric vehicle market. “Faster than Porsche, safer than Volvo” Tesla Model S Check debuts in the US

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