FASTag to support cashless, non-contact refueling on some gasoline pumps

FASTag has partnered with Indian Oil Corporation for cashless, contactless payments for refueling, ensuring that it will be the fastest mode for refueling with Indian petrol pumps. FASTag users whose accounts are linked to ICICI can profit at Indian Oil retail stores nationwide.

“ICICI Bank’s FASTag users will be able to enjoy a fully digital experience at Indian Oil’s fuel stations, reducing customer waiting times,” a statement released on Sunday said.

According to the statement, the first phase of this initiative will cover approximately 3,000 Indian Oil retailers across India. The system is integrated with Indian Oil’s automated system that eliminates manual intervention during the refueling process. This integration will allow payment of gasoline, diesel and lubricants through ICICI Bank FASTag.

“To use this facility, the customer must notify the customer attendant during refueling. The attendant scans the vehicle’s FASTag / vehicle license plate. The customer then receives the OTP and validates the transaction. Once the OTP is entered, the transaction is complete. POS machine. “

FASTag is currently used to collect digital tolls for all national highways in the country. The digital payment process was aimed at speeding up and facilitating the toll collection process, reducing waiting times and long queues at tollhouses. FASTag currently has about 35 million users across India, with a penetration rate of about 96%.

FASTags can be purchased at tollhouses nationwide. You can also purchase FASTags from the following website: click here.. All you need to purchase FASTag is your ID and vehicle registration documents. In addition to tollhouses, FASTags can be purchased through 22 banks including State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotakku Bank and Paytm Payments Bank. Some e-commerce platforms such as Paytm, Amazon and Flipcard also offer FASTag through their apps. FASTag to support cashless, non-contact refueling on some gasoline pumps

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