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Extreme E takes the Island X Prix to Sardinia to focus on extreme weather events.

Extreme E will continue its debut season at Island X Puri in Sardinia this weekend, racing for the first time in Europe.

Each Extreme E venue is chosen to bring awareness to one aspect of the environmental damage that humans are doing to the planet. In the case of Island X Prix, the focus is on the recent wildfires that struck Italy this summer, exacerbated by rising global temperatures, and the protection of seagrass-like marine carbon stores growing off Sardinia.

Island X Prix will be held at the Army Training Center in Capo Teulada, on the southern tip of Sardinia.

Sardinia’s Island X Hawaii will replace the previously planned Brazilian Amazon X Hawaii, which had to be rescheduled due to the situation in South America’s COVID-19. The Argentine Glacier X Prix, originally scheduled for December, has also been replaced by the newly announced Jurassic X Prix. Jurassic Coast Of the UK.

By the way, we also Provisional calendar For next year. With five races again, the calendar looks the same as this year, except that Extreme E is trying to revive South American events in races 4 and 5.

In contrast to previous trucks, which were mostly sandy (desert, sea) or rocky moist soil (Arctic Circle), the Island X Prix trucks are mostly bumpy, clogged soil and some. It seems that the characteristics of the water are splashed. Odyssey 21Suspensions will get a lot of training with these hard bumps.

The track may not look as picturesque as the soaring dunes, vast oceans, or the striking glaciers of previous tracks, but bumps provide plenty of room for error and cause difficult race conditions. must. On top of that, it is predicted that it will rain in the area this weekend, so more waterscapes and considerable mud may be seen.

In the last race at the last Arctic X Prix, there was a wild action in the race with Russell Glacier at Greenland’s first race event. Former F1 teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton’s Rosberg X Racing and Team X44, respectively, have shown excellent qualifying results.

However, in the final race, both teams suffered from mechanical problems. After Johan Kristofferson jumped too fast and jumped violently, a flat tire occurred on Team X44 and the Rosberg X Racing car shut down.

Andretti United returned in 4th place from qualifying and won the race. The young team of Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen did a great job on a tough weekend. Throughout the weekend, car power and truck configurations have changed many times due to reliability and overheating issues encountered when the series tried to push the Odyssey 21 to a new height with a 275kW power limit. ..

Extreme E has a “legacy program” in each race and plans some permanent investment to help the local environment at the race venue. The theme of this race is “blue and green carbon storage”, a way for the Earth to store carbon in both forest-like (green) terrestrial ecosystems and seagrass-like (blue) marine ecosystems. .. Both of these are related to the island’s ecosystem.

In line with this dualistic theme, Extreme E will support MEDSEA (Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation) in Sardinia in two projects. Island of.

With two races remaining on the weekend, Rosberg X Racing is still in the lead, with Team X44 right behind. The two teams seem to be the strongest competitors, but as we saw last time, tragedy can happen at any time. Especially in the series that pushes up such “extreme” cars.

Extreme E is getting better in every race so far, so I’m looking forward to what’s next.

The final race program will air on Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm (7 am Pacific Standard Time, 10 am Eastern Standard Time, 4 pm Central European Summer Time) and will be streamed to some, but not all, regions. ..You can find a way to see it Extreme E website.. In the United States, Fox Sports 2 will qualify and Fox Sports 1 will have the final race, both of which are behind (Check the list For when the session is broadcast). The pre-weekend shakedown session will be streamed to Extreme E’s social media later today.

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