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EV supply chain scrutinized for human rights violations and the environment

2015, BBC news The “dystopian and terrifying” lake is called a by-product of the world’s “technical desire.”

Human rights and environmental abuse in the supply chain could be further scrutinized in the coming years as the demand for batteries increases.Car makers Deploy dozens of new electric models From now until the end of 10 years.

There are many things that can be done in the United States to address these issues in the supply chain, Critical Mineral Strategy Center, Part of Washington, DC, is a non-profit advocate for clean energy in the United States. This includes increasing domestic mining and processing capacity, working with allies to procure materials from other countries and pressure others to wipe out their practices.

“The main thing is to establish a certain level of fundamental transparency in the supply chain,” Wulf said.

She said it is important for the United States to build strong relationships with its allies to ensure that the materials used in US road EVs are ethically sourced. Officials elected in CanadaFor example, in the last few months, we aim to strengthen the country’s mining operations to occupy most of the supply chain.

“We want to work with our allies to try to promise to procure high standards of compliance, whether it’s a new trade deal or a trade deal,” Wolff said. “And we want to use a traceability framework, be it blockchain or something else, to prove that we really comply with these standards throughout our supply chain.” EV supply chain scrutinized for human rights violations and the environment

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