EV charging experience is still lacking

Electric vehicle (EV) charging has been one of the hottest debated issues in the industry for the past five to ten years. The charging experience is now in the spotlight as most mass market EVs have moved nearly 200 miles on a single charge due to efforts to extend range.

For many, the goal is to recreate the process of filling a petrol or diesel vehicle. This only takes a few minutes on the pump. However, the time it takes to charge an EV depends on a myriad of factors, including the percentage of remaining charge when the vehicle is connected, the age of the battery, the performance of the battery management system, and the type of battery material. Used and even weather. The type of charger used can also have a significant impact on standby time.

Rivian aims to build a network of charging stations based on major outdoor adventure hotspots

Most public stations charge for EV charging experience is still lacking

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