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Europcar Mobility Group on behalf of the board-rental business

Caroline Parot, the current CEO of the Europcar Mobility Group, will leave the company after the annual shareholders meeting.

Photo: Europcar

Green Mobility Holding SA, a bidder consortium of Volkswagen, Attestors and Pon Holdings, has announced a change in the leadership position of the Europcar Mobility Group.

The Europcar Mobility Group’s current one-tier board will be replaced by a two-tier structure with a board of corporate auditors and a management committee. According to the company, the change is subject to approval at the Europcar Mobility Group’s annual shareholders meeting on June 29, 2022, and will take effect thereafter.

With 87.38% of Europcar’s equity capital, the first result of last week, applied for the offer (equivalent to at least 87.36% of voting rights), the consortium will be a majority shareholder of the Europcar Mobility Group.

As a result, the consortium proposes the appointment of five new auditors candidates: Volkswagen’s Imelda Labbé and Holger Peters, Attestor’s Jan-Christoph Peters and David Alhadeff, and Pon Holdings’ Janus Smalbraak. The current independent members of the board (Sylvie Veilleux, Martine Gerow, Carol Sirou) and employee representatives (Adèle Mofiro) will pursue their role in the newly established board of auditors.

According to the company, Holger Peters will be appointed chairman of the board of auditors after the election at the annual shareholders meeting.

“The Europcar Mobility Group is facing a major transformation from the traditional car rental business to a technology company in the area of ​​future mobility,” Peters said. “With the support of the consortium, the group needs to continue to transform, invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade its infrastructure, increase agility and enhance its overall service over the next few years. We look forward to working closely with the future management of the Europcar Mobility Group on the challenges. “

Caroline Parot, the current CEO of Europcar Mobility Group, has announced his intention to leave the company after the annual shareholders meeting. Parot joined the Europcar Mobility Group in 2011 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2012. In 2016 she was appointed CEO.

“Based on the Group’s purpose of constantly adapting to a variety of unprecedented and market conditions that have increased the resilience of the company by providing attractive alternatives to vehicle ownership in a responsible and sustainable manner. We are pleased to have led this transformation in the last few years, “Parrot said. “I will leave the group with a sense of fulfillment as I am fully positioned with new reference shareholders to take full advantage of the rapidly reshaping mobility ecosystem ….”

In addition to the CEO, the current Chairman of the Board, Alexander de Jr. Ok, Karl Lieber, and Simon Franks will leave their positions as board members after the two-tier board structure has been implemented. The consortium said it would announce further management changes in the future.

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