ESR’s HaloLock system offers a variety of iPhone 13 accessories to take MagSafe to the next level.

The new iPhone 13 is Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone and includes MagSafe, a technology popular with fans revived in the iPhone 12 series. ESR, a longtime case and accessory manufacturer, has expanded the innovative HaloLock ™ line of MagSafe compatible accessories for the entire family of iPhone 13 products.

Easy to protect

ESR, a new product in the iPhone 13 series, introduces a series of cases to the popular HaloLock ™ series. You can choose from a variety of options to help you find the one that suits your needs.

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Classic with HaloLock ™

If you don’t shake your boat or wallet too much, but want something that offers full compatibility with MagSafe, the Classic case is for you. It’s obvious, so you can continue to evaluate the phone’s design while adding grip and additional protection to keep it safe. And at $ 26.99, that’s not a bad price either.

ESR iPhone13 Classic Case

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Air armor with HaloLock ™

If you want a little more protection for your new phone, Air Armor adds military-grade protection, but the finish accentuates your phone’s design. It can be yours for $ 27.99 and an additional $ 1.

ESR iPhone13 Air Armor Case

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Air Armor 360 with HaloLock ™

The Air Armor 360 case covers both sides of the phone with the included tempered glass screen protector. If you are looking for ultimate protection, this is your best bet. That will bring you back $ 32.99.

ESR iPhone13 Air Armor 360 Case

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Cloud case

For something a little different, the cloud case gives you a little more color to the more traditional silicone designs and mixes. It’s available in a nice dark green color for $ 29.99.

ESR iPhone13 cloud case

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Metro case

Want to add more style to your new phone? The Metro case is fully compatible with MagSafe and is a very affordable leather case for $ 38.99.

ESR iPhone13 Metro Case

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Charging has become easier

ESR also has a wide variety of chargers in the HaloLock ™ series.

Car charger

This car charger is compatible with most vents, fixing the iPhone 13 with a strong magnet and allowing it to rotate seamlessly between portrait and landscape orientation. This is Amazon’s No. 1 MagSafe compatible car charger, the world’s first to combine a mount charger and a wireless charger into one. Get one for $ 34.99 on Amazon.

ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger

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Kickstand charger

This charger serves two purposes. You can charge your smartphone wirelessly, support it with a kickstand, watch your favorite videos, and stay connected with video chat. The removable cable allows you to quickly unplug your smartphone and keep the kickstand attached when you’re on the go.

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Charger

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Desk charger

If you’re looking for a way to wirelessly charge your phone while at your desk, this adjustable stand is a great choice. Adjustable with four different pivot joints, you can set it correctly where you need to rotate 360 ​​degrees. The ESR also includes a 5-foot long cable so you can install it anywhere.

ESR iPhone13 Wireless Desk Charger

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Whether you’re looking for a protective case or a more convenient way to charge your new iPhone 13, ESR’s HaloLock ™ series has a variety of MagSafe accessories.

Whether you need a desktop stand, a car charger or a case, ESR’s HaloLock series has the MagSafe compatible accessories you here Use promo code ESRGEAR25 by October 14th to get 25% off. present ESR’s HaloLock system offers a variety of iPhone 13 accessories to take MagSafe to the next level.

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