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Elon Musk aims to build 20 million EVs a year, or perhaps 10 million EVs.

But the big news in the United States is that production will begin at the Austin plant on April 7. Production there will begin with the Model Y and will eventually include Tesla’s long-awaited cybertruck in 2023. , According to Musk. AutoForecast Solutions predicts that the factory will grow to 400,000 units by 2024.

Future production of delayed semi-tractor trailers will depend on securing battery supply, Musk said.

Whether Tesla achieves its close to the 20 million production target for masks depends largely on the circumstances beyond the control of the company. Even musk has suggested that in Berlin its numbers could approach 10 million. It will be one of the largest car makers in the world in today’s rankings.

“No one but Tesla has as much electric vehicle capability as they do, and absolutely no one has the market share they do,” Fiorani said.

However, it is a relatively early stage of the transition from combustion engines to EVs, and legacy automakers are not only investing heavily in their factories, but also building new ones.

Automakers such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai Motor Group and even Toyota are planning dozens of electric models in multiple segments. Within a few years, consumers will have access to important EV options other than Tesla, perhaps at a lower price. Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, the Model 3, currently starts at around $ 50,000 including shipping.

“Tesla started without competition and will definitely lose its EV market share,” Fiorani added. “It doesn’t matter if Tesla doubles or triples its size, the market will grow and other players will enter.” Elon Musk aims to build 20 million EVs a year, or perhaps 10 million EVs.

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