Electric trucks bring new considerations to HMI

Electric trucks are moving from the realm of potential to the early stages of mass market penetration. The difference between filling a diesel truck and connecting it to a charging station is well known, but the impact of an electric powertrain on the cockpit is less clear.

Broadly speaking, it’s related to the human-machine interface (HMI), so there’s no breakthrough difference between the two. However, the electric truck should be presented to the driver so that he or she has a clear picture of the remaining distance, where to charge, and the condition of the battery. This can mean more screens, more updates, or at least readjustment of the instrument cluster.

HMI is responsible for alleviating the concerns of early EV adopters.

New priorities

Scania is one of the manufacturers that has increased the demand for electric trucks, and in January 2021 announced that it is making new efforts to advance the battery electric model.

“Battery-powered electric vehicles Electric trucks bring new considerations to HMI

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