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Electric BMW 3 Series Prototype Discovered with Long Wheelbase

We know the fully electrical version BMW 3 series Is on the way and this is our best view so far. In this latest batch of spy photos, the car is still camouflaged, but you can find details specific to the electric version of the ubiquitous sports sedan.

First, the prototype seems to feature a stretch body in the Long Wheelbase 3 Series, which is currently only sold in China. It is speculated that BMW chose a longer body to give it more space to store the battery. This is certainly a sensible point of view. If you look at the length of the rear door, you can see that it is a stretch version. ..

Also, I was able to find various headlights.These may just be facelift headlights on all G203 series LCI, or they may be unique to 3 series EV.. The bumper is completely hidden in the camouflage, but I’m sure it’s EV-specific and will have a similar design to the BMW i4 (this also applies to the rear bumper).The grill will certainly not be as big as above i4However, it will be completely closed.

Internally, the Electric 3 is expected to have the same curved display that we’ve already seen on the i4, and all the other interior updates that work compared to other G224 series models. And since it features a stretched wheelbase, the rear feet should lead the class.

However, there are still some unclear points. One is the name, which may or may not be the i3, and the other is exactly what powers this vehicle. The powertrain will probably be shared with the i4, but will the 3 also get the same range-topping all-wheel drive M50 variant with 536 horsepower, or will BMW sell only at lower powers?

I don’t even know where BMW will sell this model-will it be sold with the i4 as a more spacious and practical car, or will it only be sold where the i4 is not sold? The model will be announced with an update to the current 3 Series mid-life cycle scheduled for 2022.

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