EICMA 2021: Brembo SPA reveals several big projects including concept calipers

Brembo has been a busy bee for the past few months.

On top of the Acquired JJuan Brakes on November 4th with a clean cash payout of € 73 million, The brand is also in progress Acquired a tech start-up company in search of new advances in its own system..

Currently, they have some big projects in their pipeline.according to MarketScreenerThe company is working closely with SBS Friction and the ultimate goal is to replace the entire range of aftermarket brake pads by 2024.

This may seem dramatic, but keep in mind – Brembo is in the business of presenting new and solid technology. This is the easiest way to phase out the old ones and give priority to the new ones.

Similarly, MarketScreener Brembo & Harley-Davidson Partnered to create a new braking system designed for Sportster S..The main major feature of this braking system is “Performance and lightweight style.”

To commemorate the company’s bid for the addition of new high quality to the motorcycle market, Brembo has launched a new Brembo upgrade program. Brake system guidance for riders in four categories: custom, road, off-road and racing.


“These four options are a wide range of solutions that can meet the needs of those who want to upgrade their system for sportier performance, increased safety, or simply to give their car a unique and personal style. Guarantee. “ I am writing an article.

Next, there are two new brake calipers that promote the suitability of EICMA.

First, there is the latest member of the GP4 brake caliper family named GP4-MINI.

Brembo's new GP4-MINI brake caliper

This brake caliper “Designed specifically for the bikes used by the next generation racing to become future riders on the track, working on the international circuit with the same technology used in the higher categories. is.”

The second is a strange addition to Bramb’s concept shelf.title “New G Se Santa” Brembo’s latest braking concept was first unveiled in mid-May, and the first physical structure was unveiled at this year’s EICMA.

(To all big fans Iron manYou may soon have a fiery red brake to fit your bike to Tony Stark’s own arc reactor. )

Brembo's new concept brake caliper aired at this year's EICMA

The caliper “Inspired by the company’s first motorcycle brake caliper, it embodies a new mobility vision for the future.”

“The heart of the concept is the innovative application of LED technology directly to the body of the caliper.” explain Brembo website..

“This solution is adaptable to all application and caliper types, enhancing its shape and functionality. It provides both an interface that communicates directly with the user and an aesthetic choice that adapts to the user’s tastes and preferences. This light takes Brembo’s color experience to a higher level and brings new value. “

“The use of color and light may also allow us to transmit data and information about the condition of the vehicle and the caliper itself. It also emits courtesy light to locate the parked vehicle. Is also useful. “

Brembo's new concept brake caliper aired at this year's EICMA

Keep up to date with everything else that happens in your pipeline. In the meantime, check out the photo galleries for Brembo’s new projects below to get a better look at those dockets.

NSBe sure to drop the comment. Check out the new “EICMA 2021” category we curated just to enjoy the ever-growing list of cute machines debuting in Milan, And as usual – stay safe with Twisty.

Brembo & Harley Davidson Sportster S Brake System

Brembo GP4 MINI Brake Caliper

Brembo New G Santa Concept Brake Caliper EICMA 2021: Brembo SPA reveals several big projects including concept calipers

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