Early Prime Day data reveal consumer trends — Great Quarter, Guys

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People look forward to Prime Day, from electronics to cookware to clothing. Last year, Amazon postponed Prime Day to October and started 75 days of pre-holiday shopping to accelerate the buying season due to low pandemic supply.

What is Amazon’s sales so far when one day’s transactions are depressed? Andrew Cox examines initial data on Prime Day trading for this episode of Guys, Great Quarter.

Cox also welcomes two special guests to the show, starting with Richard Greening, the global technical director of sponsor DDCFPO. They talk about the current market research that DDC is doing and what the global supply chain looks like.

The second guest is Glenn Koepke, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Four Kites, who discusses some of the consumer buying trends indicated by pre-prime inventory data. The two will also consider predicting the outcome of Prime Day and how parcel carriers need to adjust for the transition to the peak season.

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Visit this sponsor Early Prime Day data reveal consumer trends — Great Quarter, Guys

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