Dutch university team announces new electric superbike

A team of students from the University of Twente, based in the Netherlands, has announced the Delta-XE. Electrical A super bike that looks as good as any dedicated race bike you’ll find on Sunday’s grid.

Delta-XE is a product of the University’s Electric Superbike Twente program. The goal of this program, which consists of students designing and manufacturing electric racing machines, is to “achieve MotoGP lap times on a fully electric superbike.” Each year, a new series of students take over the program. Delta-XE is the school’s fourth superbike iteration.

The Electric Superbike Twente claims to have an output of 150 kW (equivalent to about 200 hp). Energy comes from a custom permanent magnet AC motor and a 13.5 kWh lithium polymer battery pack containing 576 cells. This setup is controlled by the Cascadia MotionPM150DZR controller.

The tubular steel chassis of the bicycle was designed by the Dutch company Bakker Framebouw and features a trellis design combined with a traditional double-sided swingarm. The role of the front suspension is handled by an inverted front fork made by Cera Carbon Racing. Orleans Cartridge setup with ceramic reinforced carbon stanchions. The Öhlins TTX GP Monoshock handles workoutbacks. A special HEL Performance monoblock caliper controls the binder for the Marquezini aluminum front rim and the PVM magnesium rear rim. The total weight is claimed to be 485 lbs.

The entire package is nicely wrapped with carbon fiber fairings (from the Suter MMX 500 2-stroke racer) and bold, classy graphics processing. Bodywork does a great job of hiding the electric motor, which gives the Delta-XE the feel of a real Superbike. The high-end photos and close-up videos released give you a good idea of ​​how Delta-XE was so meticulous. A tight and neat race bike.

The student-led prototype doesn’t seem to have been tested in the real world yet, but the team claims: top speed 300 km / h, 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, 9 times. 0-200 seconds. Electric Superbike Twente’s plan is to participate in a new superbike at an event approved by the Electric Road Racing Association.

The Delta-XE was first publicly exhibited on the first Dutch Innovation Day, just two days after it was released to the public online. The next step is to put the prototype on the track and test it before competing in the electric bike competition. MotoGP Lap times may be a high goal, but these students deserve an A + to run.

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