Ducati Expands Australia’s Dealer Network

Australia is the second most saturated Ducati-owned market in the world, so we pay a lot of attention to our Australian customers.

This means that Australia has more Ducati owners per capita than anywhere else in the world except Italy.

As a result, the Bologna company has paid tremendous respect to Australian importer NF Importers (Frasers) for many years.

This was demonstrated by the fact that the Monster 659 was manufactured many years ago, especially to comply with the learner-approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).

The 659 is now a popular staple in their monster lineup.

In 2020, Ducati took over the direct import of bicycles to Australia and New Zealand.

Sergika Novas

At the time, the boss of the new subsidiary, Sergi Canovas, said that ensuring that the dealer network worked properly through training and communication and maximized its market presence was a top priority.

To this end, Ducati has added Ducati Melbourne West to Essendon Fields, operated by the Preston Motors Group, and expanded its dealer network with its second Melbourne dealership in January 2022.

Essendon Fields, PMG Dealer at 295 Wirraway Road

PMG is one of Australia’s oldest car retailers and has an existing relationship with Porsche, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, including Ducati.

Ducati Melbourne West stocks a full range of Ducati and Ducati Scrambler motorcycles, all Ducati spares and accessories and provides after-sales service by trained technicians.

Sergi says his long relationship with PMG and Porsche has given him confidence in his ability to “provide passion, experience and expertise that reflects the global Ducati dealer network.”

“With Ducatissi’s large and passionate community in Melbourne, we once again prove that we are committed to continuing to grow by adding leading, state-of-the-art dealers.” He says.

PMG boss Robert Gattereder says he is also a passionate motorcyclist.

“We are delighted to introduce motorcycles to our organization. We are very much looking forward to enjoying the passion that exists in Ducati’s family and community. Our aim is Victoria’s flagship site and Ducati’s. To be the destination. “ Ducati Expands Australia’s Dealer Network

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