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Driving an all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS looks like a calm experience

Mercedes-Benz has not yet revealed that it is ready for production EQS And already, a handful of journalists and YouTubers have had the opportunity to put their cars at that pace.

This particular video is from YouTuber Mercedes-Benz and features a prototype prototype with a light camouflage finish throughout the look. However, because there is no camouflage or cladding inside, this video is the first to see the giant hyperscreen of an all-electric sedan that dominates the dashboard.

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As you may know, the dashboard consists of a 56-inch curved screen that includes a gauge cluster, an infotainment system, and a passenger seat display. I’ll hold my judgment until I see the body with my own eyes on this screen, but it’s certainly very impressive in this video review.

At least two variants of EQS You will be able to use it. At least initially, at the bottom of the range is the EQS450 +. This model features an electric motor that drives the rear wheels and produces 329hp and 419lb-ft (568 Nm) of torque. For those looking for more power, you can also buy an EQS that combines 516hp and 630lb-ft (855 Nm) of torque with two electric motors in the 580 4MATIC + guise. AMG variants are expected in the future.

Two battery packs will be available. With an entry-level unit capacity of 90 kWh and a flagship battery rating of 107.8 kWh, EQS allows you to: Travel up to 478 miles (770 km) on a single charge.. Driving an all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS looks like a calm experience

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