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Double production at new plant, the largest solar power manufacturer in the United States

First Solar, the largest US-owned solar panel manufacturer, today announced that it will open a third manufacturing plant in Ohio in the first half of 2023.

New Ohio Solar Factory

The $ 680 million plant in Lake Township near Toledo will initially produce enough solar panels to generate 3.3 gigawatts of DC power annually. According to First Solar, this is equivalent to “implicit capital spending of about $ 0.20 per watt.”

When the new facility is fully operational, the three plants will work together to produce panels capable of producing a total of 6 gigawatts of direct current. First Solar says it believes it will be “the largest fully vertically integrated solar manufacturing complex outside of China.”

First Solar expects three factories to produce an average of one module approximately every 2.75 seconds.

The company currently employs 1,600 people at its two existing Ohio plants and plans to employ 500 at its new plant.

Crystalline silicon technology, mostly from China, is not used in First Solar’s thin-film solar panels.

“Clean and energy-safe future”

Mark Widmar, Chief Executive Officer of First Solar, said: statement::

We say we are ready to support President Biden’s goal of moving the United States into a clean, energy-safe future, and our decision to more than double the US production capacity at this new facility is , First Solar is to fulfill that promise.

This facility represents an important leap forward in the production of photovoltaics, the true factory of the future. It takes advantage of efficiency, energy yield, optimized form factor, and cost competitiveness at the crossroads, leading the manufacturing fleet to offer the highest efficiency and wattage, and the lowest cost per watt. To do.

Biden administration wants 100% Clean electricity by 2035US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said of First Solar:

Having received a DOE loan guarantee in 2012 as a solar program partner since 2003, the company is a great example of how investment and innovation can build the future of clean energy in the country. In every pocket of the country.

But even with three Ohio plants, First Solar will import 40% of the panels from its Vietnam and Malaysian plants, he said. The Wall Street Journal,Continue:

Widmer said the company wants to continue expanding production in the United States. This will help save transportation costs and strengthen its position as an alternative to imports from China.

The company relies on continued support from the United States through tax cuts, additional tariffs on import panels from China, and growing domestic demand.

Photo: First Solar

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