DoorDash for customers of food technology startup eGrowcery

The food delivery app is hungry. Brands like Uber Eats and Grubhub are looking for groceries as the frontier for their next delivery after establishing themselves as a reliable option for restaurant deliveries.

Uber Eats (NYSE: UBER) The campaign started in June last year partnership Grubhub (Grubhub (OCTUS: JTKWY) Launched its own grocery industry in February Seven-Eleven And super fast delivery startup Buyk..

Don’t lose, DoorDash (NYSE: Dash) Is the third member of the American Food Delivery Triumvirate and is introducing a grocery delivery service through its white label fulfillment platform, DoorDashDrive.

On Wednesday, DoorDash and an e-commerce company in the retail food industry eGrowcery Retailers on the eGrowcery platform have announced a partnership that will enable them to leverage DoorDash’s nationwide fulfillment network for grocery orders while retaining their own shopper data.

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White-label service provider eGrowcery provides food retailers with an e-commerce platform that integrates with existing point-of-sale and back office systems. Founded in 2010, the Michigan-based company features integrated payment captures, sales reports, picking routes, and a built-in barcode scanner that eliminates the need for paper checklists and manual scanning. We provide a picking app.

However, eGrowcery’s service is also aimed at shoppers. Like DoorDash, the company’s website features a shopper-centric design with features such as quick checkout, personal shopping list, one-click sorting, filtering, and predictive search. This platform allows food retailers to reconfigure their e-commerce sites and enhance their customer experience with a variety of settings and promotional tools.

“By partnering with DoorDash, we can provide retail customers with a turnkey solution to meet their local commerce needs. Fully integrated with eGrowcery’s intuitive shopping experience. The combination of the ment process and the scale and convenience of DoorDash is very attractive. ” Said Patrick Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery. “All these benefits and retailers maintain a direct connection with shoppers through their unique branded app, enabling shoppers to grow their profitable businesses.”

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The partnership with DoorDash Drive enables eGrowcery to provide customers with access to DoorDash’s extensive courier network of 3 million drivers in the fourth quarter of 2021. Revenue report..

However, unlike DoorDash, which owns the data of the merchant partner entirely. Rejected To share it in the past, the new eGrowcery integration gives grocery stores complete control over shopper data and builds the e-commerce experience they need in multiple formats, including mobile, desktop and tablet. It will be like.

The integration with DoorDash Drive will take place two months after eGrowcery announces a partnership with Rouses Markets, an independent grocery store also based in Michigan. Through that agreement, eGrowcery will provide Rouses Markets shoppers with a branded e-commerce experience, enabling curbside pick-up of grocery orders.

The new e-commerce platform can now add courier to its package.

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