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Does Alfa Romeo Need to Build an Electric Julietta Hot Hatch from Lancia’s Reborn Delta EV?

These illustrations were created by Jean Francois Hubert / SB-Medien of CarScoops. These are speculative drawings that are not related to or approved by Alfa Romeo or Stellantis.

Stellantis is back Lancia Delta as an EVThat’s great news for Lancia fans, but I think there are still some left.

But that may be great news for Alpha fans as well. The company hasn’t had a small family car to serve its customers since it rejected the Giulietta hatch last year, and Tonale SUV It will finally appear in early 2022. But not everyone wants an SUV. VW’s Mk8 Golf is proof that it is currently number two on the European sales chart with an old-fashioned blend of nonsense 5-door hatch utility.

Alpha has no plans to exchange directly and play golf For Julietta, Never comparable to the previous successful sale of the cleaner 147. But what about the new all-electric Sud or 147 VWID.3 alpha rivals built from the same set of components as Lancia’s next Delta? I think it’s good for us.

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Speculative Drawings of All-Electric Alternatives for Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Lancia Delta Compact Hatch | Illustration Credit Francois Hubert / SB-Medien for Car Scoops

As far as we know, Alpha has no plans to do that. But should it be? It seems perfectly feasible if Stellantis already plans to build a similar sized EV hatch for Lancia (as our artist imagined above).Like the others, it’s small, but the Stellantis electric hatchback, the Peugeot e208 and Opel Corsa-e, or Audi Q4 e-tron The Volkswagen Group’s VWI D.4 SUVs, the Alpha EV and the Lancia EV, can share the platform, suspension, motors and battery pack, but they look and feel quite different.

Dedicated EV platform

Early prototype of the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giul compact crossover

Alfa’s next Giulietta-sized Tonale SUV shares the platform and optional plug-in hybrid technology with Jeep Renegade. And Renegade 4xeThe new Delta is based on the Stellantis STLA Medium architecture, which will be online in 2023. Designed specifically for C-segment and D-segment vehicles, it can be configured to work with FWD, RWD, and AWD setups. Power outputs range from 168-241hp (170-245 PS), and perhaps even more if you decide to build a modern bimotor integrale, or in our hypothetical case the Alpha Quadrifolio EV. there is.

Country Cousins

So let’s say the idea of ​​an electric alpha hatch has a leg. How do you want your face and body to look? As part of a new wave of clever style electric cars like the Renault 5, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and offers tomorrow’s technology. The new delta Classic Delta Integrale.. And I want to see Alpha mining the same seam with an electric hatch.

The impression of our artist gives us one possibility to recreate some of the styling clues. 2019 Tonale SUV concept With a lower, smoother hatchback foam. I’ve already seen leak shots from Production Tonale and know that they feature traditional headlights that are bigger and less attractive than the concept.

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But the new generation EV Hyundai Ioniq 5 The hatchback features slim lights and full-width DRL strips, sleeves high-tech hearts for instant car recognition at night and revealing inspiration from the classic step-front Julia Coupe during the day. Must be attached to.

How can I go retro?

Or should Alpha go even more boldly in a retro atmosphere? Maybe revisit the classic form of the 1972 Sud hatch. Walter de Silva For Leon on the 1998 seat.

May work with hooded lights and segmented B-pillar cutouts in Montreal sports cars in the early 1970s.And maybe a flare arch from 147 GTA with V6 engine Introduced in 2002.

Forget about beauty and go brutal

But wait – what if you forget that Alpha is sensual and base your new hatch styling on a symbolic brutal look? SZ designed by Zagato?? Its menacing face is reused in a bank of LED headlights and looks fantastic, and the high boot lid ensures ample luggage space. You can also imagine what the profile would look like if you extended the wheelbase to fit a 5-door configuration.

Whether to build or not

With a back catalog of gems for inspiration and free access to new platforms and running gear, there’s no doubt that Alpha can create a great electric hatch. But will that happen? Alfa Romeo is already struggling to find enough buyers for its good looks, Fine Drive Stelvio Whiplashing an SUV is considered to be like shooting a fish with a barrel. The electric C-segment hatch may be another headache that can be done without it. Or, given that what the company is already doing isn’t working, it could be a seriously wise move.

Do you think Alfa Romeo should piggyback on Lancia’s Delta EV to create a new electric hatch? If so, what do you think it should look like?

Illustration Credit Francois Hubert / SB-Medien for Car Scoops Does Alfa Romeo Need to Build an Electric Julietta Hot Hatch from Lancia’s Reborn Delta EV?

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