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Do not store knives in large wood blocks

A large and bulky wooden knife block is a gun in your kitchen.You know them — a 6 “x 12” x 8 “10 lb cannon that holds more slots than existing knives. When you step into a commercial kitchen or a bargain at Chef’s House, the knife block No. Why? They use Magnetic knife bar It costs the same or less. Here’s why you need to switch:

I always hate knife blocks

In 2013, National Hygiene Foundation Conducted a study of the most dangerous areas of everyday homes. In the can opener, the refrigerator parts (especially the “meat compartment”) and other obvious problem areas were knife blocks. Dark areas that are damp and cannot be cleaned are mold breeding grounds.

Knife block ruins the knife

Regardless of the type of steel, the shape and quality of the knife, rubbing the cutting edge against a hard surface is, at best, a quick ticket to a knife sharpener and, at worst, to a chipped dull blade that threatens your fingers. It’s the road. In the test Cook illustration We found that the action of moving the knife in and out of the slot significantly reduced the holding power of the blade (and we recommended a magnetic knife strip on top of it).

Knife block is unnecessarily large

Whether you’re cartwheeling in a vast suburban kitchen or your studio apartment doesn’t have a microwave, everyone has more space available. The magnetic knife bar frees up chunks of countertop space, giving priority to hard-to-use kitchen wall (or starboard side of the refrigerator) space. Moreover, if you are interested in it, you can show off your knife.

16 inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar

Modern innovation

$ 17.99

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