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Do companies really see energy as a priority?

Even with the Net Zero agenda, most businesses do not consider energy a priority. Because energy is not the biggest cost unless you really consume a lot of energy.

This was an important issue BusinessGreenA recent roundtable was sponsored by E.ON and explored ways to develop a net zero energy / technology strategy.

Featuring representatives from organizations such as Network Rail, PwC, Turner, and Townsend, we focused on future challenges as companies seek to reduce their energy output on the road to achieving their Net Zero goals. Importantly, the roundtable has brought to the fore various views on the challenges of Net Zero. And it is difficult for organizations to establish the right strategy for them.

Richard Spencer, Head of Technical Services and Operations at E.ON, said: “It’s a challenge for businesses. It must be sustainable not only from a carbon perspective, but also from a return on investment perspective.”

However, the conversion is time consuming and there are multiple routes such as electrification, nature-based solutions, carbon capture and hydrogen. The roundtable heard that it took 10 years for the Danish energy group Orsted to make a difference.

The urgent need for immediate change (still difficult to achieve) became apparent in the discussion.

All companies attending the roundtable talked about the importance of having clear and ambitious Net Zero goals set by the board of directors involved who are willing to prioritize decarbonization efforts. Without such a mission from above, any strategy would have a hard time gaining traction-and many do.

To read the full article click here Download The Energy Payback Challenge. This is a roundtable report featuring representatives of the UK’s largest companies that provide insights into the key issues facing Net Zero Targets.

This article was sponsored by E.ON. Do companies really see energy as a priority?

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