Discover Aston Martin Valhalla For $1.2 Million

If this list is doable, is Valhalla worth $1.2 million? In some ways, it is. Valkyrie is sold out, and even without it the price is more than double. While technically legal, it seems ill-advised to drive that car unless it is highly trained and in perfect condition. The Valhalla looks like a much more livable car, but it doesn’t lack performance at all.

Dealers mention a top speed of 217 mph, a dry weight of less than 3,417 pounds, an electric range of 9 miles and a lap time of 6:30 on the Nürburgring. If those performance numbers are accurate, the Valhalla would serve as the flagship of many other car companies, despite being his second-fastest model in Aston’s lineup. Barring any further delays, Valhalla production will start next year in his 2023, and the owner will receive the car in his 2024. Discover Aston Martin Valhalla For $1.2 Million

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