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Despite the 2018 intro, Gary Jones wasn’t rocky

Detroit — Gary Jones first appeared on stage in downtown Detroit in June 2018 as UAW Chairman. Rocky While singing the theme song, he pushed his fist up and promised the members that he would “fight for you.”

Rather than choosing music himself, some union leaders later complained that they weren’t as enthusiastic as they wanted. In this movie, he’s the last villain to be knocked out.

his 28 months in prison Embezzlement and tax evasion on Thursday proved that Jones had only a connection to the underground world of crime in common with Rocky Balboa. As you know, Philly’s favorite fictional Boxers began when a local mob boss hired muscles to make a living.

Jones had greater illicit ambitions.

A 63-year-old certified accountant was found by prosecutors to deceive millions of car workers between 2010 and 2019. The money was paid for luxury items such as villas in Palm Springs, California, Titleist Golf Club, Louis Roederer Crystal Champagne, and Diamond Crown Churchill Cigarettes.

Jones played a lot of golf with his conspirators and ate a lot of steaks with his members’ dimes. Fight for them? Not really.

Indeed, he sometimes talks harshly, telling three Detroit executives at the start of contract negotiations in 2019 that the union is the “voice of American workers” and the “advocate of the middle class.” Said.

However, during his tenure as president, he rarely used that voice.

Jones Avoided reporters as much as possible, End quarter media briefing.

During the deal negotiations and the subsequent 40-day strike at General Motors, he wasn’t found anywhere and instead chose to send his men to Pickerine and a press conference as the corruption scandal came to an end around him.

The 2019 Labor Day parade in downtown Detroit, usually an important event for the UAW, was interrupted at the end of the president’s speech, but Jones was unable to march the entire route. I hurried away with other union staff on the way.

I walked through the crowd, went to where he stood at the beginning of the parade, and asked him to comment on the corruption scandal and the recent FBI raid on his home.

“number,” That was all he offered.

Jones is preparing to spend comfortably in a cell at a federal correctional facility in Seagoville, Texas.Anyone can changeSpeech from Rocky 4 — Good advice.

To be fair, he may have already received the message. The prosecutor pointed out his “defeated regret” when claiming the commutation.

Let’s hope his regret is sincere and that his decision is actually the end of a “very dark chapter” in the history of the union, as UAW President Rory Gamble said Thursday.

For criminals like Jones, Rocky For movies, we all agree that it’s best to have no more sequels. Despite the 2018 intro, Gary Jones wasn’t rocky

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