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Despite a busy day, Mikkelsen stands at the top of the ERC title – Dirt Fish

Andreas Mikkelsen will add the title of the 2021 European Rally Championship to the World Rally Championship WRC2 Crown, which he won a week ago at Rally Hungary this weekend, despite two major problems on Saturday.

Last week, Mikkelsen didn’t even have to fight in Rally Spain to become the WRC2 champion. The closest rival, Mads Ostberg, didn’t get enough points to continue the fight against the Monza Finale.

He also has a relatively clear run on the ERC Crown, leading his closest rival, Miko Martique, by 71 points and Efren Larena by 74 points.

However, the winner of the last two ERC rounds, Mikkelsen, cannot easily run in Hungary.

In the third early stage, when his Toksport Skoda lost power in the second stage of the day, he thought it was a “game over” for his entire rally.

The problem was due to a disconnection, and he dropped to 7th place with minimal time loss from there to service.

A quick start to the afternoon loop quickly pushed Mikkelsen back to 3rd place, but he was hit by a damaging puncture on the final stage of the day and was returned to 7th place again.

He is 1 minute 27.7 seconds from the rally-leading Volkswagen driver Nikolay Gryazin, with rivals Martique and Lillarena in 5th and 6th place right in front of him.

After a flat tire from main rival Eric Kais shortly after taking first place temporarily in the afternoon, Glyazin led the rally on Sunday, 25.8 seconds ahead of local top runner Norbert Herzig.

With his first ERC appearance this year, Østberg recovered from a fast spin and finished third ahead of Andreas Hadik. Despite a busy day, Mikkelsen stands at the top of the ERC title – Dirt Fish

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