“Design one of the top two elements of a car buyer’s priority list”

Collaboration and technology sharing are becoming more and more common in the automotive world. And there is electrification, which can further homogenize the experience from behind the steering wheel. So how can automakers make their products stand out?

“When a lot of things start to harmonize in terms of technology, it’s really the basic design and experience in the car buying process,” he said. Mahindra & Mahindra, Automotive and Farm Sector, Chief Design Officer, Platapboth Said Autocar indo Recent Brobot Interact – In a series of discussions about the automotive industry. “Today, exterior design is often cited as the top two reasons to buy a particular car.”

He goes on to find that “interior experience, the way we interact with cars, electronics, UI and UX (user interface and experience), is also incredibly important in buyer decisions. Bose feels there’s more to come as touch screens have become the focus of people’s attention. “There are times when other senses, such as voice control, tactile sensations, and gestures, begin to play a larger role, but the car can still react.”

But the greater confusion will come from electrification. “EVs make a big difference in the amount of cabin space available for a particular footprint because they don’t have to allocate one-third of the car’s length to the engine, so again, a real revolution. I think it’s going on, “he said. Bose further stated that as its importance grows, design can effectively serve both form and function.

Customization and mass production are beginning to be closely related
The emotional connection to car design is evident in the fact that the Indian public has always had a strong desire to customize their car. Comment on trends and Head of Niranjan Babu, OEM (Pvt Car) and Automotive Alliances, Reliance General InsuranceStates: “Until the end of 2018, there was a big market for car modifications, but in January 2019, the Supreme Court of India ruled that owners would be banned from making significant structural changes to their vehicles. Prior to this order, all changes made to the vehicle were associated with an additional (insurance) premium-wider wheels (previously attracting an additional premium of 18%), renewal. Brake, or engine turbo / supercharger (attracts an additional 160% premium)). “

He added: “After the verdict, each automaker began to offer all these features on their original equipment, so all these aspects are covered by the usual comprehensive insurance with very standard add-ons. It came to be. “

Bose points out that point and states: “Many people want to sign their car, but in the process, we design and design the car in a particular way, which can be unsafe. For example, putting a bull bar in a car can significantly reduce safety, so we are always trying to integrate these custom elements into the design itself. “

“Today it is a normal practice to provide a dual-tone roof. It was born out of people’s desire to express themselves differently, but today we are incorporating it into our designs. Similarly, modern car makers often offer packs of options that enhance various aesthetic elements such as wheels and headlamps.

“So customization and mass production are on the other side of the world, but they’re starting to get closer together. This has happened recently in car design and will happen even more in the future,” Bose said. I am.

Designed for frequent renovations
Regarding updating the model’s design throughout the model’s lifecycle, Bose said, “Previously, the car’s lifecycle was planned. It will go on sale, run out in 8-10 years, and do some intervention near the midpoint. “.

But this has changed a lot due to people’s constant desire for fresh design. “Currently, the 10-year life cycle has been shortened to 6-7 years, and at least 2-3 interventions are required within that period, if not more.”

As a result, designers are skillfully incorporating certain elements that allow for frequent updates without significant capital investment. “Let’s take an example. The front fender area where fenders, headlamps and bumpers meet is starting to get simpler. Redesigning plastic parts is easier and cheaper. That’s why headlamps are starting to be built into bumpers. You can see that it has little to do with Fender, “Bose said.

“These are some decisions driven by the need for constant updates. I don’t think this intensity is as intense as in India. Customers expect something new every 12-18 months. . “

Designed based on safety regulations
In addition to its aesthetic aspects, vehicle design must also meet certain requirements. “The height of the hood, the length of the front overhang, or the width of the car-everything is affected by (safety) regulations. Of course, it also affects the material. For example, we’ve used it in mass-produced cars so far. We use more materials, such as never-ending high-strength steel, “says Bose.

This also has implications for other aspects of the automotive industry. “Design changes that make vehicles safer are beneficial to insurers. Most insurers’ growth depends directly on the automotive sector, as 40% of non-life insurance premiums come from auto insurance.” Mr. Bab said.

Designed to reduce total cost of ownership
In addition, the smart design helps reduce buyer costs during the vehicle ownership process. “When we design a car, we put high-value items such as headlamps, tail lamps, fog lamps, etc. in zones that are somehow protected from damage in case of a minor accident while driving every day. It’s always good to do. I think it’s important to eliminate these expensive elements of exterior design from the zones that may have to be replaced frequently. The overall cost of ownership is ours. Is definitely thinking (during design), “Bose commented.

Mahindra’s head of design said he was considering a modular design approach based on the concept of minimizing cost penalties. “For example, we’re moving to 3-piece and even 4-piece bumpers, so even with some damage, we’ll replace only certain parts of the bumper, not the entire bumper.”

Such an approach further affects other aspects of car ownership. “The availability of more child parts will reduce overall (insurance) billing costs, and whatever the benefits of these changes, we will give them to our customers in terms of premium reductions. They tend to pass, which also reduces the overall cost of owning the vehicle, “says Bab.

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Platap Bose: “Designing One of the Top Two Elements of a Car Buyer’s Priority List”
Mahindra’s head of design states that design also plays an important role in vehicle safety standards and total cost of ownership. “Design one of the top two elements of a car buyer’s priority list”

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