Dao EV Tech Announces Last Mile Delivery Solution

Hyderabad-based startup Dao EV Tech, Chinese electric scooter manufacturing company Formed by a group of experts from the United States, China and India, we have entered the last mile delivery segment.

Start-ups say they will offer services, software, and specially designed electric scooters under one integrated solution under the brand “Dao Zor EV Integrated Fleet Partner Program.” According to the company, an integrated services platform allows shipping partners, OEMs, 3PLs and shipping companies to work together using AI and IoT to make the last mile shipping industry ecosystem efficient and sustainable. increase. The Dao Zor 405 is now on sale. It claims to be the first e2W specifically designed for the delivery business in India.

The Dao Zor Integrated Fleet Partner Program is said to bring a paradigm shift at three levels. First, the delivery partner does not have to work in his car. Dao creates an ecosystem that provides electric vehicles to immigrants in new cities. Second, the ecosystem also offers investment opportunities that enable micro-investors to build EV fleets to unlock the fastest-growing potential of the last mile delivery industry. And finally, Dao Zor meets this requirement by providing smart solutions for high-tech designed EVs.

The DaoZor Integrated Fleet Partner Program offers:

  • A vehicle specially designed for e-commerce delivery. It can hold a payload weight of up to 225 kg and has a special side stand to hold the weight. These EVs can travel an average of 100km a day on a single charge.
  • Software Solution: Dao’s IoT protects vehicle assets with remote vehicle invalidation and tracking capabilities.
  • In addition, we provide training to help urban migrants develop the appropriate soft skills, and provide accommodation and healthcare support.

Dao states that it will provide 3PL investors with day-to-day management services, act as an agency for order consolidation, and provide cross-platform vehicle deployments for AI and IoT.

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Dao EV Tech Announces Last Mile Delivery Solution
Dao EV Tech Announces Last Mile Delivery Solution Dao EV Tech Announces Last Mile Delivery Solution

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