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Cyber ​​Week will be held at Floyd, one of our favorite home brands


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Cyber ​​Week Starting a little earlier with a furniture brand based in Detroit Floyd.. Floyd’s product, with its simple design and simple combination, is an ideal upgrade whether you’re ready to throw away your old Ikea furniture or need more space at an affordable price. Made of premium materials and boasting outstanding design, Floyd is definitely a brand that punches beyond its weight.

Currently, furniture makers are using codes to offer discounts of up to $ 750 across the site. BFCM21 Until November 29th. Floyd will give you a free gift as soon as it is out of stock. You won’t be surprised if some of these items sell out quickly, so order as soon as possible.

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Floyd coffee table

$ 455 $ 405 ($ 50 off)

This is the perfect companion for Floyd’s sofa.

Floyd table / desk

$ 625 $ 550 ($ 75 off)

This versatile piece can be found in your kitchen or office at home.

Floyd Media Console

$ 700 $ 600 ($ 100 off)

Great for quarantine binge and video game marathons.

Floyd shelf system

$ 740 $ 640 ($ 100 off)

A modular system that is easy to build and expand.

Floyd Standing Desk

$ 975 $ 875 ($ 100 off)

A desk standing at home is a must, as WFH is the new normal.

Floyd platform bed

$ 1145 $ 995 ($ 150 off)

This minimal frame provides the opportunity to add headboard or storage under the bed as your needs change.

Floyd outdoor set

$ 1,700 $ 1,575 ($ 125 off)

Perfect for the warmer months, this patio-friendly table set is perfect for hanging in your backyard.

Floyd sofa

$ 1895 $ 1695 ($ 200 off)

This dirt-resistant, easy-to-make sofa is practical and looks great.

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Advertising-Read more Cyber ​​Week will be held at Floyd, one of our favorite home brands

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