Custom 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash Snowmobile

Like many athletes, regardless of sport, experience usually occurs at a young age. Cedric Morrow No difference – he started snowmobiles early – and today he is a Polaris Ambassador in Quebec, Canada.

Cedrik Moreeau is a Polaris Ambassador and Snowmobile Athletes.

Cedric’s favorite place to ride is Montvalan, Quebec. Polaris snowmobile Go out and visit often Center du Sports Rack-San JeanWhen you need new gear at an off-road vehicle or snowmobile power sports dealer.

Because of the sense of freedom that comes from exploring the backcountry on a snowmobile. Morrow’s snowmobile addiction It has taken root. He especially enjoys the moment when he first puts a fresh truck on pristine ground. His passion for sports grows only when he continues to ride, and he describes his riding style as more technical-tree riding, re-entry, jumping, dropping. He loves to use his creativity to build lines, find new areas and ride, and he’s always going further and going to empty places.

2022 Polaris RMK Chaos Matrix Slash

Cedric says he needs a snowmobile that is light, agile, and gets on the snow as soon as possible. As a Polaris Ambassador, Cedric can try out the latest and greatest snowmobiles, most recently with the 2022 Polaris RMK Chaos Matrix Slash. He has been sledding many times already this year and is familiar with cars.

Of course, Cedrik’s Khaos Matryx Slash is not completely in stock. He added some goodies to make snowmobiles even better shredders. According to Cedrik, his 2022 model features several upgrades from the Backwoods BMP such as the Highmark spindle, Matryx Slash rear bumper, front bumper and rail brace.

Morrow has also upgraded to a set of Trencher custom raw A-arms, sliding tag attack keys, composite M66-3R 154 x 3.5 inch pitch track, RSI Hustler bronze handlebars, DuraPro magnetic tether, MBRP trail exhaust and A91 19 inch wheels. .. , And Avid-Products 3.5 inch driver.

After chopping tunnels and rails to run 9-inch wheels on a 155 3.5-inch pitch track, it didn’t allow friction, leaving enough adjustment.

And since he upgraded the snowmobile side to provide better performance, Cedric also chose to improve the snowmobile’s aesthetic thanks to the Seco custom seat cover and E-Sticky Graphics anodized mat wrap. I was surprised.

As Morrow becomes more and more involved in sports, he takes his passion for snowmobiles more seriously by working with businesses and sharing his adventures with others around the world.Check out this Polaris Ambassador Instagram..

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