Costco and Volvo launch used car campaigns

It’s not clear if the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted previous conversations.Maxwell said car news In August, Costco executives are in regular discussions with automakers about potential partnerships on incentives, including CPO cars. However, in 2022, as Costco network dealers continued to work on a limited allocation of new vehicles, the Costco Auto Program reconsidered expanding incentives to used vehicles.

Volvo was the first automaker to partner with the Costco Auto Program in 2007 for structured pricing new car incentives. car newsAnd in 2022, both parties came to the same conclusion, he said: Why not design an incentive program for CPO cars that are desirable to buyers and not as rare as new cars?

“Our dealers are no different than what dealers typically experience. [with] Stock availability,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell said partnering with Volvo on such an initiative makes sense. The automaker and the Costco Auto Program already had a “very good working relationship.” Volvo cars are also a popular option for Costco members and are usually the number one or number two luxury brand they request, he said.

However, Costco is not new to offering used cars to its members. The program has long offered pre-set member prices for certified pre-owned vehicles through approved dealers within its network. Costco’s first used car program launched in several markets in 2006.

If the new Volvo CPO promotion matches the success of other promotions, it would make sense for Costco to offer other automaker-specific CPO incentives, Maxwell said. He did not disclose other brands the Costco Auto Program may already be working to develop such incentives.

“We talk to all of our OEM partners about all of our products, and it’s a new product, so everyone is peeping,” said Maxwell. Costco and Volvo launch used car campaigns

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