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Corkscrew Grosjean “Feeled Like Zanardi” Wins Laguna Seca Podium

Between 25NS Grojan, a commemorative event in which two-time series champion Zanardi’s famous “Pass” moved to Brian Hertha on a corkscrew in 1996, overtook many cars, including six, at the signature corner of the Laguna Seca truck. In honor of the great Italians. Time IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon.

Grosjean, Its future IndyCar plans should be revealed in the next few days, Will be charged from the 13th on the grid for the score 3rd place on the podium finish for the 3rd time of the season – Passed a total of 27 cars in the 95-lap race.

“I had a lot of passes to Corkscrew, which was good,” Grosjean said. “I felt like Zanardi, but that’s not a bad thing.”

The most dramatic moment of his race was when he collided with seven NASCAR Cup Champions Jimmie Johnson on a corkscrew on the last lap of the race.

“I’m sorry to contact Jimmy,” Grosjean said. “I was definitely in! Jimmy probably didn’t see me. He was pushing hard to protect [second-placed team-mate] Alex [Palou] From me, it’s a game. So we got in touch a little. “

Dale Coyne Racing with Romain Grosjean and RWR Honda

Photo: Barry Cantrell / Motorsport image

Johnson’s main concern was that he could be penalized for a collision even though he was on the receiving side of the collision because he was punted across the central apex of the corner and missed the transponder in the corner. ..But Johnson continued to finish 17NS His best result in the series so far, of 27 fields that previously made his own impressive pass with James Hinchcliffe’s Corkscrew.

“I thought our day was over,” Johnson admitted to the clash with Grosjean. “I couldn’t believe he threw it late at me. Fortunately, we both saved it!

“I thought I also lost my wrist. [steering] The wheel was whiplashed. I was worried about the penalty, but instead achieved the best finish of my career. “ Corkscrew Grosjean “Feeled Like Zanardi” Wins Laguna Seca Podium

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