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Continental’s Collective Perception system allows drivers to see around the corner

New product designed by a German supplier Continental It can give the vehicle and its drivers some additional eyes.

Continental is Collective perception This system allows vehicles to combine image data from sensors in other vehicles, roads and buildings to improve driver visibility.

For example, by using images from other vehicles and nearby traffic cameras, the system allows drivers at intersections in the city to see around the corners of the building that a cyclist is approaching. I will be able to do it.

Robert Gee, senior manager of connected car solutions and V2X portfolio development for continental businesses outside Chicago, said the company has been working on collective perception for almost two years. The goal is to find a real way to use connected car technology to protect people, including people who are not currently connected, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter users.

“We somehow need to protect these unconnected people while taking advantage of what’s already installed in the vehicle,” he said. Automotive News..

According to Gee, sensors such as cameras and radar systems are adjusted differently from vehicle to vehicle, so the data shared between vehicles is “not always easy to interpret.” Collective perception can help transform that information between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure.

By giving the vehicle access to more data from the vehicle and its local infrastructure, the blind spots in the driver assistance system can be eliminated and the driver can easily warn about potential dangers.

“This allows one vehicle to use its own sensors to detect vulnerable road users and send that data to other vehicles to calculate if this is in my path. “Masu,” said Gee.

Collective Perception gives a glimpse into the types of future products that Continental, a 150-year-old legacy supplier, is developing to maintain its position in the era of rapidly changing automotive technology.

It also shows how the R & D timeline of suppliers accustomed to developing physical components, from tires to engine components, is changing. Suppliers are forced to look for innovation beyond the scope of their current products. Continental’s Collective Perception system allows drivers to see around the corner

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