CN realizes that IBEW workers may go on strike

The Canadian Railroad CN has been notified by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) that its members may strike this weekend.

CN (NYSE: CNI) said in a late Wednesday announcement that the action would affect about 750 employees in Canada.

The IBEW notified 72 hours in advance of plans to strike at 11:00 am EDT on Saturday.

The CN said it was negotiating with the union “in good faith and will continue to do so,” adding that the railroad is proposing to resolve the remaining differences through binding arbitration. Unresolved issues are primarily related to wages and allowances.

The railroad also said it was ready to continue operation in the event of a strike.

“CN is optimistic that an agreement can be reached without interruption of work. However, if the union moves forward on strike, CN will be ready to implement an operational emergency response plan. This plan will ensure a normal level of continuous safe operation, as long as necessary, “CN said.

The IBEW told Freight Waves that it was ready to continue negotiations.

“Our members still want to negotiate and negotiate,” said Ras Shuchuk, IBEW International Vice President. Compensation and wages are one of the issues being discussed, he said, and it was through the media that the union first heard of the possibility of arbitration. Both sides are expected to continue discussions throughout the week.

There is a possibility of a strike as a US business of CN Be involved By hashing new collective bargaining agreements with unions. This week’s National Arbitration Committee has provided arbitration to freight railroads and trade unions, ending weeks of negotiations. If the arbitration is unacceptable, the parties will enter a 30-day cooling-off period, after which President Joe Biden will appoint a board of directors to investigate the matter and provide recommendations through a report. An agreement may be reached based on the report, or Congress may intervene and cooperate with both parties.

In late 2019, Teamsters Canada members went on strike at CN for over a week. About 3,200 workers were affected.

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