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Cigar lovers announce 2021 top cigars

Major cigar publications since 2004 Cigar lovers We are announcing the top 25 cigars of the year this year. In the first year of the Top 25 list, Cigar lovers Awarded the manufacturer Padrón for being honored to be number one.for 2021, The publication is again in Padron Highest honor — Fourth time at the top of the list — Courtesy 1964 Memorial Series Torpedo..

The box press cigar is a full-bodied Nicaraguan cigar, Cigar lovers He explains that it starts with “a woody, nutty core that gradually becomes more complex.” The 1964 Anniversary Series was first announced in 1994 to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary. Founder Jose Orlando Padron wanted to make a cigar that reminded him of what he enjoyed in Cuba. The resulting cigars were box-pressed and the company did not invent this technology, but the 1964 Anniversary series contributed to the spread of box-pressed cigars, followed by other brands.

To make a list of the top 25 cigars Cigar lovers We will re-evaluate the highest rated cigars of the year (those with a score of 91 or higher) and perform a blind tasting.The full list of Top 25 Cigars is now available Cigar loversWebsite, you can look Editors not only discuss this year’s winners, but also check out archive Of the top 25 awards.

Cigars start at $ 18, but when you look at the news of this award, Single smoke and cigar box I will go early.

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