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Chrysler Airflow EV may never be built

Chrysler is in dire need of a new car. The American automaker remains perilous with just three vehicles. 300, Pacifica, and the Pacifica Hybrid are available. When Chrysler announced his plans to become an all-electric carmaker by 2028, we were excited to see what Chrysler had in store. Part of the reason was that the electric revolution meant a renaissance for Chrysler and an impressive airflow meant that his concept would actually go into production. That was Chrysler’s plan from the beginning. The Airflow will be the brand’s first EV, and Chrysler will transition to an EV brand in 2025. Now Chrysler seems to be abandoning the Airflow EV idea and moving on to something else.

In the new report motor trends claim to Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell wanted to go in a different direction and gave chief designer Ralph Gilles new direction for the brand’s first EV. “We had a lot of fun because Chris brought her perspective on it,” Jill told the outlet. “She wanted a statement that literally had nothing to do with what you saw today. air flow concept car. Evolving in new directions. ”

In addition to starting over from a design perspective, Chrysler’s first all-electric car will no longer be called Airflow. motor trends He said the Airflow name would only be used for the concept and not for production EVs. “There are groups who love the Airflow name, but just as many people are begging us not to use it,” Foyer said. Chrysler does not know the name of this EV at this time. The automaker is reportedly working with naming consultants to develop a short list of possible names. Foyer confirmed that Chrysler will not use alphanumeric names for its EVs.

I’m sorry to hear that Chrysler is moving away from the Airflow concept design because it looks great, but I don’t think the fresh touches hurt the brand. Airflow His concept utilized Chrysler’s RU platform, which is also the foundation of the Pacifica. Chrysler’s next EV under development will transition to using Stellantis’ STLA large platform, which was designed with EVs in mind. Moving to an EV-only platform brings many benefits, including better driving dynamics, more interior space and more advanced technology.

Speaking of which, this unnamed EV has both 400- and 800-volt systems for fast charging, giving it up to 400 miles of range on a single charge. Advanced technology is one of Chrysler’s main areas of focus. motor trends We believe EVs may have Level 3 semi-autonomous capabilities. Inside, shoppers can expect to find sustainable materials and “seamless technology” that improve productivity, communication, mobility management and more.

Chrysler won’t unveil a new electric car design until 2024, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what Chrysler has in mind. Chrysler’s first EV is reportedly still on track for a 2025 launch. , the American automaker Full lineup of EVs By 2028.

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Pictured: Chrysler Airflow Concept

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