Chris Birch Brings Adventure Bike Training to the U.S. for the First Time

Legendary enduro rider Chris Birch finally makes the United States the next stop for his popular adventure bike coaching clinic. As you know, New Zealand natives are skilled off-road racers who have won both African roofs and Red Bull Romanian hard enduro in the past. He is also the New Zealand National Enduro Champion and has won the Dakar Rally eight times. Still, Chris is arguably best known for his YouTube antique on a large KTM adventure bike that seems to violate the laws of physics.

Fortunately for all of us, Chris also enjoys teaching others how to ride like a hero. He has been an off-road trainer since 2007 and has begun raising funds for racing activities.Chris soon learned that he had a strong passion for sharing his knowledge and skills, and now teaches regularly at his school. new zealand He also travels frequently to run coaching clinics around the world.

Chris Birch takes an off-road clinic to the United States

The Enduro Champion is working with the Moto Adventure Tour this summer to bring his coaching talent to the mountains of Georgia and Utah. In August and September, a few lucky souls absorbed some of his vast knowledge, gained personalized tips, bothered everything, and developed off-road skills on adventure bikes. You will have the opportunity to make significant improvements.

Chris Birch brings the Adventure Bike Coaching Clinic to the United States.

Chris’ career as a mechanical engineer gives him a unique perspective that allows him to break down the physics of any riding technique and explain each step needed to master it. If you’ve checked out his how-to video series,Don’t be late“You will get his attention to details and ideas on how he can make things easier to understand.

Chris Birch Brings Adventure Bike Coaching Clinic to the United States

The two-day clinic will fully focus on the off-road skills of both adventure riders and dual sports riders, dividing the class into intermediate and advanced levels to keep pace and goals the same among riders. Each clinic accommodates up to 15 riders with Chris and his assistant coach, ensuring that everyone gets the individual attention they need. “Most of the feedback we get from our customers is that they love small groups. I have the opportunity to ask questions and ask for help, especially where I’m having a hard time, and I really enjoy getting to know the riders. Chris says.

Chris’s coaching clinic in the United States operates at two venues: KTM World-Highland Park Resort in Georgia and Jorgensen Power Sports in Utah.

Chris Birch Brings Adventure Bike Coaching Training to America

Location: KTM World – Highland Park Resort, Georgia

  • 8 / 24-8 / 25 – Intermediate Rider ($ 1,000 pp)
  • 8 / 27-8 / 28 – Advanced Rider ($ 1,200 pp – Weekend Session)
  • 8 / 31-9 / 1 – Intermediate Rider ($ 1,000 pp)

Location: Jorgensen Power Sports, Utah

  • 9 / 21-9 / 22 – Intermediate Rider ($ 1,000 pp)
  • 9 / 24-9 / 25 – Advanced Rider ($ 1,200 pp – Weekend Session)
  • 9 / 29-9 / 30 – Advanced Rider ($ 1,000 pp)

The costs are as follows:

  • 2 days coaching
  • Land access fee
  • Event T-shirt
  • Cardo communication set for the course
  • “Say No To Slow” ADV Bike Online Education Series

There is also an option to add extra days for those who want to continue their adventure (+ $ 250) Join a guided adventure bike with Chris at each location. Also, don’t forget that these are BYO Bike Clinics.

You can find more details and book your place here..

Photo courtesy of Chris Birch.

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