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Chongqing focuses on more than 200 battery replacement stations built by 2023

Shanghai (Gas Goo)- Chongqing, China, will build more than 200 battery replacement stations by 2023 and more than 10,000 battery-replaceable new energy vehicles, according to a document issued by the Chongqing City Economic and Information Technology Commission on May 10. We aim to deploy NEV).

According to the document, the local government will be the first in several wards including Liangjiang New Area, Jiangbei District, Nan’An District, Western (Chongqing) Science City, Qianjiang District, Changshou District, Wanzhou District, Maejiang District. Pilot operations will begin, and before being widely advertised throughout Changshou District, the city.

Geely Technology Group battery replacement station. Photo provider: Geely Technology Group

Regarding the construction of battery replacement infrastructure, local governments will assist operators of battery replacement services and gas stations in jointly building an integrated energy station with both battery replacement and oil and gas refueling capabilities. .. We will also work to provide access to the power grid for the battery exchange facility at the Highway Service Plaza. Authorities will subsidize the relevant contractors.

With central urban areas as core areas, the government is actively considering applying battery replacement models to eligible districts and counties in a variety of scenarios such as taxis, dispatch services, heavy trucks, logistics vehicles, public vehicles, and private vehicles. Encourage you to do so. ..

By the end of March 2022, Chongqing had more than 5 million car parks, according to data from the Ministry of Public Security of China. Chongqing focuses on more than 200 battery replacement stations built by 2023

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