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Chinese pilots also duel and lose AI opponents in a simulated dogfight: Report

According to a recent Chinese state media report, pilots From the national air force In a simulated dogfight, you’re losing a trivial amount of time to an artificial intelligence-driven enemy.This sounds reminiscent of Very general result Last year’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Alpha Dogfight Trials Used for more advanced demonstrations.. It also emphasizes the PLA’s growing interest in and investment in the development of developed countries. Artificial intelligence and machine learning Technology, in general.

Earlier this week, China’s national outlet Global Times report The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) confronted “AI Aircraft” in a simulator, citing a different story from last weekend. PLA Daily, The official newspaper of the Chinese military.Original English version PLA Daily The story was not found immediately.

“AI demonstrates skillful flight control skills and error-free tactical decisions, making it a valuable enemy to hone our capabilities,” said the PLA Central Theater Command Air Force. Du Jianfeng, who was identified as the commander of a particular PLAAF brigade, said. PLA Daily, by Global Times..

Global TimesAccording to the story, the AI, which is reportedly used “for years” during simulator training, has the ability to learn “from pilots collecting data from each training session.” So, “At first it wasn’t difficult to beat AI, but by examining the data, each engagement was an opportunity to improve AI,” said Fang Guoyu, group leader of Du’s brigade. I am. PLA Daily.. Fang has been further identified as a top performer in recent real-world aerial combat exercises.

“I used fangs [sic] He struck a well-thought-out tactic against the AI ​​and eventually defeated him by a small margin, but in the next session the AI ​​defeated him using the same tactics against Fang. Global Times The work continued.

Of course, it is important to note that all of this is entirely due to the Chinese state media. No matter how long it has been used by Du’s brigade, how widely PLAAF is using this technology in simulated training and other applications, and how aggressive they are in their ongoing development. I’m not sure if I’m pursuing it.

At the same time, it’s immediately interesting PLA Daily Needless to say Global TimesIs affiliated with People’s DailyThe official Chinese Communist Party newspaper has named top PLAAF pilots who appear to be fighting advanced AI in simulated combat and even losing, regardless of how accurate the description of this mock combat capability is. I chose to emphasize.

The video below shows that the PLAAF pilot is engaged In live aerial combat training.. Chinese pilots also duel and lose AI opponents in a simulated dogfight: Report

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