Chinese motorcycle maker TARO announces TR400 maxi scooter

TARO, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, recently launched the latest high-capacity scooter TR400. Chinese market.. Medium displacement scooters have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in Asia. Offering the best of both worlds in terms of ease of use and long-range capabilities, Maxi scooter It is preferred by both beginners and veteran riders looking for a convenient machine that can travel distances.

The TARO TR400 is the successor to the Explorer 300, a similar style scooter launched in 2019. Since the launch of the Explorer 300, TARO has embarked on the development of larger, more premium products, recently launched in the form of the new TR400. Chinese domestic market. At first glance, the TR400, like any other machine on the market, uses the unmistakable maxi scooter styling. With a sporty yet sophisticated look, the TR400 definitely looks premium and has technical features that will surely captivate a wide audience, especially in the Asian market.

Powering the TARO TR400 is a 359cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor that TARO claims to have developed independently for three years. According to the company, the engine is equipped with a ceramic alloy cylinder to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. For engines claimed to be equipped with technology, the TR400 produces quite a bit of 28 horsepower for pedestrians. This is well below the horsepower of its competitors.

Other premium features on the TARO TR400 include a full set of LED lights, keyless ignition, programmable ABS, which can be turned off via a toggle switch on the handlebars. This is a nice feature not commonly found on scooters. Additional features include digital instrumentation, backlight control, and keyless ignition. The TR400 also comes standard with a large adjustable windshield, making it ideal for those who want to take long-distance tours that last for miles on the freeway.

TARO TR400 maxi scooter announced in China

As with many Chinese motorcycles, the TARO TR400 has the potential to enter other markets under different brands. In particular, TARO is sold in some parts of Europe. The official price of the TR400 hasn’t been announced yet, but its little sibling, the Explorer 300, sells for around € 3,700, or $ 4,412. That said, the TR400 can be expected to be slightly better than the Explorer 300. Chinese motorcycle maker TARO announces TR400 maxi scooter

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