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Chinese flying wing drone launches warming decoy on enemy warship in industry video

The UCAV and its decoy then approach two enemy warships, one of which launches a surface-to-air missile on one of the counterfeit aircraft. The last footage we see is from the six drones swarming on these ships. Each is aimed at some kind of beam that could represent an onboard electronic warfare system or directed energy weapon.

It is important to note that it is unclear to what extent the AVIC video presentations that the Chinese are currently actively pursuing reflect the concepts of aircraft and other systems, and the operations that accompany them. At the same time, it shows the incredible ability of the PLA to be uninterested. Stealth UCAVs that fire decoys and stealth UCAVs that can perform swarm operations that are essentially capable of overwhelming the defenders are of great value in support. Maritime operations and land operations.

Not only can these tactics be used to invade the target itself, but they can also help neutralize the enemy’s defenses and pave the way for subsequent strikes, including non-stealth platforms. The GJ-11, future derivatives, or other similar unmanned design could also serve as a launch platform for swarms of small drones. This new herd is equipped with its own electronic warfare system, Substitute jamming device Alternatively, it acts as a wandering ammunition with the ability to perform dynamic strikes. In the maritime context, small roaming ammunition does not always have the ability to sink enemy ships. But it can cause mission kills, Or by targeting specific systems such as radar arrays and communication antennas, significantly reduce the functionality of these vessels.

The complete feature set outlined in AVIC video observes what major competitors, especially the United States, are doing and often tries to duplicate those technologies, even if they do not completely duplicate the entire system. It’s just another example of China’s long-standing willingness to do. With help of Very aggressive espionage.. War zone Already noticed This general trend when reporting The design of the stealth-looking unmanned aerial vehicle, which first appeared in Zhuhai this year at China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) FH-97, is at least similar in appearance. XQ-58A Valkyrie From the American manufacturer Kratos.

Beyond the individual components of AVIC video, such as decoys like MALD, what is depicted is likely to be part of a larger networked electronic warfare ecosystem. For example, this clip is reminiscent of what is known about the shaded Net Emulation (NEMESIS) program for multi-factor signatures on US Navy integrated sensors, with a very wide range of strokes. this War zone feature.. At the core of NEMESIS is the concept of “system of systems” electronic warfare, which includes swarms of drones, ships, submarines, and more. All of these are networked to maximize functionality, with a particular focus on creating and confusing a fleet of “ghost” aircraft and warships. Turn over the enemies and their decision-making cycle.

Other types of swarming features and network effects (such as group activation) Precision-guided munitions that work in concertIs currently not just for the entire U.S. military Number of its allies And partners. China itself has already made great strides in the development of many related technologies. Ability to flock, etc. When Stealth unmanned aerial vehicle design, What can be leveraged to support the work of the types of features found in AVIC video.

The Chinese government “improves the inventory level and sophistication of weapons and modernizes the redundant system of the entire kill chain that supports weapons,” said Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. Said last month At the Air Force Association’s annual Aerospace Cyber ​​Conference in Washington, DC, “supersonic weapons, all kinds of anti-satellite systems, as well as cyber, electronic warfare, and challenging air-to-air weapons” were specifically mentioned. rice field. He added that the area in which China is concentrating its efforts.

Anyway, I can’t say how close China is to gaining the abilities seen in AVIC video, but they certainly grow steadily with the country’s general ambitions and the ability to turn them into operational reality. Consistent with what you are doing.

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