Chevrolet may sell Corvette SUV

Sub-brands are new to automakers. Ford has taken the Mustang family in a new direction with the Mach E electric SUV, and General Motors has revived GMC’s Hummer brand as a rugged electric SUV. Chevrolet is now reportedly looking to do something similar with its historic name, the Corvette. reported that car and driverChevy launches a new Corvette sub-brand that will be filled with electric vehicles and some new body styles.

of corvette The nameplate has a history dating back to 1953. Chevrolet has taken Corvette a new path with his C8, which breaks tradition with its mid-engined design. The Corvette has even bigger plans. current generation corvette’s claim car and driverThese include the ZR1, Hybrid E-Ray, Zora Hybrid and all-electric Corvette EV. Electrified powertrains, all-electric models, and super-performance ZR1 models sound like reasonable introductions to the Corvette line. It’s when outlets claim that Chevy is considering coming out with an SUV and a four-door coupé that things start to go a little off the beaten path.

car and driver The second part of GM’s branding strategy for Corvette is to launch Corvette sub-brands, including a crossover and a “sleek four-door coupé,” it said. chevrolet plans to launch sub-brands in 2025, and both of these body styles will only be available with all-electric powertrains. There’s a good chance Chevrolet will take advantage of his Ultium battery and architecture in his GM.

Some may groan at the idea of ​​a Corvette sedan or SUV, but that’s where the market is heading, and Chevrolet needs a competitor. As the outlet points out, sports cars are good halo cars, but they’re not very profitable. 2003, Porsche introduced Cayenne – A midsize SUV seen as a great departure from the sports car. Then in 2015 Porsche introduced a smaller model. Macan SUVIt didn’t take long for the Cayenne and Macan to become Porsche’s best-selling models. 911 2021 years.

Chevrolet declined to speculate when asked for comment car and driverreport to motor 1, but it makes sense. As the SUV craze shows no signs of abating, the brand Ferrari, aston martinWhen lamborghini High-riding vehicles are coming out. maserati is looking to expand its SUV lineup with a second option. SUVs are here to stay, and Chevrolet could be lucrative, but launching a Corvette sub-brand could spread its appeal to a wider audience. on the other hand, Mustang Mach E It would be in a separate category from the upcoming all-electric Corvette SUVs. ford.

To keep the Corvette name as prestigious as possible, Chevrolet has priced its Corvette sub-brand cars accordingly, and is expected to retain some of the performance characteristics of a real sports car. We can also expect the vehicles to share a similar design. The electric revolution presents automakers with an opportunity to make some big changes. Chevy is turning the Corvette from an American sports car into a global name.

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