Check the phone with Anshu Prasad: Leaves do more than fall

Host in this week’s check call episode Mary O’Connell When Anju PrasadCEO and co-founder Leaf logisticsDiscuss the importance of building a reliable transportation network and improving sustainability.

Important quote from Prasad:

“Delivery companies need credibility. They need credibility in service and cost. Otherwise, bad things will happen and some of the revenue from the big companies out there will be from last year. It’s starting to reflect unreliable shipping costs. “

“There is another part of the needs that can be planned. If you can, you need to plan. At Leaf, we have built technology to understand which parts you can plan. If you can plan such things. It can provide credibility to both buyers and sellers and reduce the rest of the entire transportation portfolio that needs to be contested. “

“RFPs need to be placed in the right context of what the actual shipping and capacity needs are, depending on the part of the supply chain and how services and costs are needed to optimize. . “

The podcast also has a brief breakdown of rising fuel costs and major retailers complaining about rising shipping costs.

Have problems or wishes improved in the supply chain and transportation world?contact O’Connell It will be a future episode of Check Call.

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