Cheapest 2023 Ford Lightning currently costs almost $58,000

Sorry if this starts to sound like a broken record, but Ford is raising the price of the F-150 Lightning again. Believe it or not, the F-150 Lightning was priced at just $42,000 when it was introduced. But those days are long gone as Lightning now starts at $57,869 (price includes destination) after the latest price change. That’s nearly $16,000 more for him than the starting price when the electric truck first came out.

The numbers above are for the base Pro Trim, but they’re not the only model in the lineup to be affected by the price increase. XLT trim Currently costs $65,369, up from $61,269, with extended range trim prices up $100 to $82,869. The Lariat with the standard-range battery pack also went up $100 to $76,369, while the extended-range model actually dropped in price to $87,219. $98,319.

Recent price increases have made Lightning from a worthy option to a competitive price. Lightning’s most obvious competitors are: Rivian R1T start from $73,000. from now on Chevrolet Silverado EV The estimated starting price is $39,900, well below Lightning.

Only a handful of recent price increases ford We’ve raised the price tag for Lightning.Other price increases for electric trucks came earlier this year August and October. The last time Ford raised the price of the Lightning, the automaker said it was due to rising costs of materials. car and drivera Ford spokesperson told the outlet that the latest price increase was due to rising material costs. supply chain constraintsand market factors.

Ford’s updated pricing for Lightning went into effect on December 15th. Customers who ordered trucks before the price increase and are waiting for their vehicles to be delivered will not be affected by the price increase.

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