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Charged EV | Eaton Introduces New Line of DC-DC Converters for Commercial Vehicles

Eaton Introduced a new line of DC-DC converters designed for commercial vehicle electrical systems. “DC-DC converters are an important part of our eMobility product portfolio and are used in a variety of vehicle applications,” said Ben Karler, Director of Technology Development for Eaton’s eMobility business. “Many commercial vehicle manufacturers are moving to a 48 volt architecture, so it’s important to have the ability to efficiently convert power from high voltage to low voltage.”

The 48 V DC-DC converter takes power from the 48 V system and reduces it to 24 V and 12 V. The bidirectional converter also charges a 12V battery to provide energy storage in the event of a mains failure. supply.

The converter includes noise reduction and noise rejection technology and a high power lockbox (HPLB) terminal. According to the company, “The HPLB terminals of DC-DC power converters provide excellent efficiency and reliability, and protection against elements. In addition, the HPLB terminals are waterproof to a depth of up to 1 meter. It is strong enough to withstand high-pressure water spray. “

The company also states that the converter can operate at ambient temperatures up to 85 ° C and has a design efficiency of 97%.

“The converter is rugged, rugged, sealed against environmental factors such as salt spray and water, and has high vibrational elasticity,” Karler said.

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